Friday, 30 September 2016

Fashion - Stepping into Autumn

asos unicorn cardigan

Hey lovelies,
I have another transition into Autumn outfit, now we are nearly into October we are definitely in Autumn but its still pretty mild so far, so for me the perfect transitional piece is a cardigan, its takes your Summer cami tops or Tee's straight into cooler climes, without being to warm as its not really cold enough for a coat as such.

The thing is with this Asos cardi not only is it my new fav colour for Autumn, Navy, but it has UNICORN elbow patches, I repeat UNICORN elbow patches. I mean how fricking cute can you get I am totally in love with it.

Navy and white is such a classic combo add in the pop of burgundy and tada an Autumn colour combo made in heaven. Throw on a pair of ankle boots and you are ready to rock on roll!

What are your Autumn essentials?


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lifestyle - George at Asda Autumn bedroom wishlist

george at asda autumn wishlist

Hey lovelies,
Now its Autumn, I love to cosy my home up with snuggly lovely things, and while online browsing on the George website I came across some gorgeous bits for the whole house but I particularly loved these bedroom items.  I need that hedgehog bedding with the cushion and throw in my life asap and how yummy does that candle sound?  I'm in love with the woodland theme its just so fricking cute, how Autumnal would my bedroom look I just wouldn't wanna leave it, not that I ever do to be fair.
If your looking for some new bits for your home or just your room I would defo recommend you check out the George website.

Do you like to cosy your bedroom up for Autumn?


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Beauty - September Favourites

Hey lovelies,
Its monthly favourites time again, this month there have been so many new things I have been loving I found it really hard to narrow it down so there are a few more bits then I normally have but oh well.........
First up is a food item not a beauty one but I couldn't not have this in a monthly favourites cause I have been absolutely loving them and that's Jim Jams* chocolate spreads, OMG these are amazing I love a dollop of this on my porridge for breakfast or on a bit of toast for a snack, its really chocolaty but low in added sugar so much better for you then regular chocolate spreads. A win win in my book!
Staying vaguely with the foody theme I have been really enjoying using Original source green banana and bamboo milk in the shower it smells like those foam banana sweets, Yum and I just love it.

Next on to skincare, something I have really been getting into lately, and this pairing from Dr.Botanicals* has literally changed the way I look after my skin they are amazing read my full review if you fancy, to find out just how good they are.

Now onto makeup and I have 3 new items I have been loving this month, the first is a nail polish from my favourite brand BarryM and that's this gorgeous Molten metal polish in copper mine its just stunning and great for this time of the year, you can read my full review of that here
This next item I bought on a whim cause it was new lol and that's Rimmel fresher skin foundation, I wasn't expecting to much from this if I'm honest but I have been pleasantly surprised and have found myself reaching for it loads this month, as the name would suggest its a fresher feeling foundation that's lightweight on the skin but has buildable coverage and just looks really natural, great for everyday.
Last but by no means least is L'oreal False lash sculpt mascara, I have always liked L'oreal mascara's so when I needed a new one recently decided to try this one, it does have a weird looking wand but it really works and gets even the smallest of lashes, making them super black and is really lengthening, I love this mascara, the only thing I would say is it takes some work to get off ! but on the plus it doesn't smudge or run throughout the day.

So there you go September's favourites, what have you been enjoying this month?

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