Sunday, 18 October 2015

Yankee Tarts review

Yep you have guessed it lovelies, the title gives it away I have been buying Yankee candle tarts again! I just can't help myself, I have a problem. Anywho here's what I picked up this time ;

The First one that caught my eye was Gingerbread Maple mainly because I love Gingerbread. This is how Yankee describe it Baking spices and the warm fragrance of cloves, with just a touch of maple, bring back memories of gingerbread cooling on cookie sheets. And boy does it I absolutely love this tart and couldn't wait to melt it as soon as I got home. It's sweet and spicy all at the same time and is right up my street.

 Next up is Christmas cookie I new I had to pick this up I had it last year and loved it, and new I had to have it again. It's described by Yankee as Buttery rich, Vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies. It smells just so sugary with vanilla too in my opinion you can't go wrong and I just love the sweet scent.

Lastly is Berry trifle the title alone sold my this one it just sounds like its gonna be delicious and I'm a sucker for anything fruity. This is how Yankee describe it, The mouth-watering fragrance of fresh berries tangy and sharp, nestled on a bed of soft vanilla cream - delicious! And it is just that you get the tart berry smell with vanilla in the background its just a really yummy smell.

As you would expect from Yankee candle the tarts fragrance your whole home for up to 8 hours and offer great value at only £1.49 each.

Have you tried these fragrances ? Any you would recommend? I would love to know.

Love Kate



  1. Need to try these out! Berry trifle sounds amazing :) great post.

    Sam x

    1. Berry trifle is lovely glad you enjoyed it xx

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  3. Ohhhh Christmas Cookie is one of my all time faves, I need to repurchase that bad boy hehe! Great post as always hun!


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