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Lifestyle - Get to know me; beauty blogger tag

Hey lovelies last week I was nominated for the ' get to know me ' beauty blogger tag by Becca Marie why not pop over to her blog and check it out. along with her answers!

Question 1. Is Your Hair Naturally Striaght or Curly?

My hair is curly, I sometimes embrace the curls when I have time to tame them, if not I get the trusty ghd's out.

Question 2. Do You Dye it yourself, or go to a Salon? 

I'm pretty high maintenance when it comes to my hair and get my roots done in the salon every 5 weeks.

Question 3. Do You Wear The Same Style Everyday, Or Do You Change It?

I wear my hair different depending on time and what I'm doing sometimes curly sometimes straight. I'm a lover of the good old messy bun when all else fails.

Question 4. How Long Does It Take For You To Put Your Makeup On? 

It takes me maybe 10-15 minutes I prefer to be asleep then taking ages doing my make-up in the morning

Question 5. What Do You Do First? Eyes or Face? 


Question 6. Do You Collect Makeup, Or Just Buy As And When You Need It? 

I wouldn't say I collect it but defo have more then I need lol.

Question 7. How Often Do You Wear False Eyelashes? 

Never, they just not my thing.

Question 8. What Are Your Current Everyday Staples?

Skincare wise I use superdrug naturally radiant range, My make-up I tend to swap up quite a lot but couldn't live without collection concealer and some kind of mascara.

Question 9. Do You Wear Makeup When You're Home Alone, or With Family? 

No I put make-up on just before I go out and if I'm not going out then I don't bother.

Question 10. How Many High End Products Do You Have?

The most high end stuff I own is Mac and I have a few lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette.

Question 11. Do You Plan your OOTD The Night Before, or Decide When You're Getting Ready?

I always plan my outfit in advance, especially if I'm going out somewhere on a date or with the girls, but I even do for work if I'm honest lol.

Question 12. How Often Do You Change Your Handbag? 

Not as often as I used to I just rarely have time for that, although I do own a lot of handbags!!!

Question 13. How Often, Or When Do You Work Out? 


Question 14. Left Or Right Handed?  


Question 15. How Tall Are You?  

I'm a short arse... just 5ft 3

Question 16. Do You Speak Any Foreign Languages? 

I have enough trouble with English lol.

Question 17. Sweet Or Savoury? 

100% sweet.

Question 18. What's Your Favourite Perfume? 

Opium, love it.

Question 19. How Many Pets Do You Have?

I have a black Labrador who's 6 and called Ernie, a black cat called Sooty who we inherited from my late mother in law and he's 16, and two rabbits Jessica Rabbit and Roxy Rabbit.

Question 20. Do You Read Comments Posted On Blogs?

Yeah I do always read my comments.

Question 21. Do You Keep A List Of Other Products To Try When You See Other Posts? 

If I read a post about something I wanna try I usually save the post.

Question 22. How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name? 

It was my friend Hayley's idea.

Question 23. What Kind Of Camera Do You Use For Your Photos?

Currently my hubby takes my outfit pic's with his I phone 6 but I have bought him a camera for Xmas.

Question 24. What's Your Favourite Colour?


Question 25. Do You Swear? 

Yes probably more then is ladylike lol!!!

Question 26. What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Day?

Mmmm well I have already been to work, so probably chill for a bit, work is manic right now, and then find something to cook for dinner.

Thanks for sticking about until the end, I hope I didn't bore you all to sleep.
I nominate anyone who would like to do it!!

Love Kate


  1. I always love posts like this, so fun to read up on the writer behind the blog! I am a sweet person as well and I definitely have more makeup than any one person should LOL. Great post! XO -Kim

  2. Loved reading through this hun, loveeeee the names of your Rabbits, how did I not know their names already hehe.


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