Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November's beauty favourites

Hey lovelies it's favourites time again, yet another month has come to an end, how quick is this year going it's totally flying by!
This month I have been using a few new items and they have already become essentials in my beauty regime.

The first of my new fav's is Herbal essence shampoo and conditioner in Nourish me butter. firstly this smells amazing like you guessed it, butter lol. all sweet and cake like, and more's to the point my hair feels clean and soft. My hair had got really dry now it's colder so I decided to try something new and I'm loving the results.
Next up is skincare I have been using superdrug's Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser for a while now in fact I've nearly run out, I just blooming love this stuff, it's a gorgeous creamy cleanser you apply to wet skin and wipe off using the muslin cloth 'hot' it removes makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft. I would 100% recommend this product.
This time of the year we all get the dreaded dry lips and what better way to solve that then with a sweet scrub that tastes like popcorn, yes its another winner from lush. popcorn lipscrub for me is a total must in the winter months.
Now on to makeup I have always loved barry m nail polish, this month I've added two of the speedy dry polish's to my collection Sprint finish and Slip stream gorgeous berry and purple shades they are of course brilliant cause they are barry m and I love there products but these ones dry quick, whats not to love.
Lastly its the Collection Illuminating touch foundation, now I must admit I wasn't expecting to love this as much as I do, I tried it on a whim after reading a couple of reviews on it, and also knowing how fab the collection concealer is thought it worth a try. I would say it's a medium coverage foundation that leaves my skin looking natural and glowy but does't go shiny even with my oily complexion, I don't like to look totally matte but of course don't want the dreaded oily patches and I think this works really well I do use a primer underneath and a powder on top but I don't find it needs much in the way of attention through out the day, So for the price I think this a brilliant option.

I hope you liked my favourites, let me know your thoughts.

Love Kate

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