Saturday, 2 January 2016

Fashion - My top 5 outfits of 2015

Hey lovelies now the new year has began I thought I would look back on my outfit posts from last year and pick my top 5, well here goes........

 1 OOTD// Black lace and zip boots
This outfit is still my most popular post and and absolutely love it. The black lace dress is one of my favourite purchases of 2015.

OOTD// Leather Jacket
This is one of my most recent buys but I still love it none the less and think I will be wearing it plenty more in the new year.

OOTD// An all black affair
As you probably tell by now I like leather and I wear a lot of black haha.

An outfit that isn't black , though it is grey, I can't tell you how much I love these Topshop jeans.

I love this oversized shirt and the pale blue coat and have worn them loads since buying them. The coat is just so stylish and for the bargain price of £5 from ebay you just can't go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed this little look back on my favourite outfits, which one is your no1??


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