Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fashion - Pay day haul

Hey Lovelies,
Now pay day has finally arrived, after the longest month ever I decided I needed to treat myself as haven't really got anything much new since, well Christmas, and that was like a month ago, hahaha though come on, it feels like bloody ages. So anyway here is what I got ......

The first thing I did was check out Asos as they have extended the up to 70% of sale, and well it would be rude not to, I have had my eye on this Navy cord shirt for a while, checking on it regularly in my saved items, so when it was reduced to £15 I thought why not. I then found this totally cute across body bag for, wait for it, £6.50 it was a no brainer. it had to be mine....

Then on Saturday me and my hubbie hit the city, in pursuit of another pair of Joni jeans, as I love my black and grey pairs and needed a blue pair to add to my wardrobe.

For me Topshop jeans are the best, I can't recommend them enough and how gorgeous are my latest pair of Joni jeans, I can't wait to style them up. I also popped in River Island and picked up a new Purse, I have been after a new one for a while and this one just fitted the bill perfectly.

I can't wait to wear all my new bits, you gotta love a little spree haven't you? Let me know if your planning a pay day spree,


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  1. That navy cord shirt will be such a staple!! I also will definitely be picking up a pair of Joni jeans .. They are gorgeous !! I just have to decide what colour !!
    Love the haul lovely!


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