Thursday, 31 March 2016

Beauty - March Favourite's

Beauty Favourites featuring Barry M choccolate lipliner and lipstick, soap n glory hd mascara and Olay
Barry M lipstick - Superdrug ,Barry M lip liner - Superdrug, Olay - Superdrug, Coconut oil - Superdrug, Blistex - Superdrug, Mary Lou Manizer - Superdrug, HD mascara - Boots

Hey lovelies,
Today I have my monthly favourite's for the month of March, I never did one of these for February as I was poorly in bed for the whole month and my favourite thing was my supply of painkillers....haha
After weeks of being ill my skin and hair really suffered and defo needed some tlc, hence why  I included new skin and hair care products in this post.

For my first fav is a hair care product, my hair turned really dry and notty while I was ill and just looked dull and unhealthy, so after a little mooch round Superdrug I decided to pick up some coconut oil, and I'm so glad I did as it has really helped get my hair back to feeling soft and looking healthy. I will be writing a more detailed review on this so look out for it, 

I have also updated my skincare as my skin just looked dreadful, dull and dry, I got a small sample of Olay skin tone perfecting cream in my last Glossybox and fell in love with it and just had to purchase a full size pot, its quite a thick cream that feels lovely on the skin without making it feel greasy something which normally scares me about thicker creams, it leaves my skin smooth and a perfect base for makeup.

The next skincare product is for your lips as this time of year many of us suffer with dry lips and I have found blistex intensive moisteriser really works at heeling my sore lips.

Next up we have makeup and it will be no surprise to my regular readers that the balm Mary Lou Manizer is in my favourite's post as I have done nothing but go on about how good this highlighter is, if you haven't already you really must try it.

Mascara is one of those things that I normally just pick up whatever's new and on offer but I think I have found the one, my new holy grain and that's soap n glory HD mascara, I just totally love it my lashes have never looked so good and boy does this stuff stay on, know more smudging or flaking.

Last up is a new lip combo I have been loving these last few weeks and that's Barry M Chocolate lip liner with Barry M slick lip paint in truffle shuffle, I don't normally wear a brown lip but I am loving this combo you can see me wearing it here if you fancy checking it out.

Have you tried any of these bits? 


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Fashion - black n grey for the weekend

Black & grey outfit featuring topshop Joni jeans a boohoo bomber jacket and pick converse perfect for the weekend

Hey lovelies,
if you are a regular reader or follow me on Instagram you will know I am all about the casual, I love simple comfy but stylish outfits that don't look like you have tried to hard. So this weekend before the weather turned really hostile this is what I wore for a Sunday morning stroll around town, in advance of eating my body weight in food at my Mum's that afternoon!!!

I love black and grey together I just think it just works to make an outfit look effortless but I did dig out my Pink Converse for a pop of colour as it is Spring after all hahaha...

I love the oversized T-shirt as it keeps the whole outfit comfy and easy to wear but to smarten it up slightly you could tuck it in for a neater look but I kinda like the scruffy look its more my style lol!!

Jeans- Topshop
Bomber - boohoo
T-shirt - old similar- boohoo
Converse - old similar - office
Handbag - Peacocks old

Do you like black and grey? I would love to know your thoughts let me know in the comments or Tweet me.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Lifestyle - Yankee candle Jelly bean votive review

Yankee candle jelly bean review

Hey lovelies,
I have another Yankee candle review from the Easter range for you today, My lovely hubbie recently bought me a Yankee gift set containing three Easter scents, you can see my first review from the set Bunny cake here and today I have Jelly bean for you.

OMG if you love sugary sweet smells like me you will love Jelly beans a scent described as a colourful, fun childhood treat you will never outgrow...bursting with the scent of sugary sweet fruits. Boy is that true the smell reminds me of the scent of a freshly opened bag of fruit sweets and instantly takes me back to being a kid. Upon lighting the votive the scent soon fills the room without being overpowering and lasts for a long time even after you have blown the candle out, you also get upto 15 hours burn time great for only £1.80.

Have you tried any of the Easter scents?


Friday, 25 March 2016

Lifestyle - why its ok to be single in your 30's

Hey lovelies,
Recently I have really been enjoying writing more lifestyle posts and I think (hope) you guys like them, while I was recently ill in bed I had plenty of time to reflect on my past and how much my life has now changed for the better.
Anyway why it's ok to be single in your 30's, or any age really, firstly I would like to point out that I am now happily married, but it wasn't always that way, at the age of 30 I became single for the first time in my adult life, after my then husband admitted to countless affairs and I ended the relationship, leaving me a 30 year old single parent someone who he told me know one would ever want......
But you know what, yeah I was sad, yeah I was angry and yeah it hurt my ego, but you know what I got over it. I worked hard at my job, had fun with my kids and went out Friday nights with my girlfriends, something I was rarely "allowed" to do when I was married.
Sometimes I felt lonely but that's ok we are allowed to feel lonely sometimes, and sometimes I felt like I had wasted countless years of my life, then I looked at my kids and realised that two good things had come out of what was otherwise a shity marriage.
 I found myself again I remembered who I was, what I liked to do and I learned I don't "need" a man to be happy, I was finally content in my own skin I earned my own money I made all the decisions and me and the boys where alright.
Gone are the days when you are expected to be in a "steady" relationship by the time your 25 or married with a child by the time your 30, and gone are the days thank God when women have to put up with a relationships that are aggressive, or with a marriage that know longer works, it's OK to be single our relationship status doesn't define us.........
And being single is always 100% better then being in an unhappy relationship. So if you haven't met the "one" yet or you have just come out of a relationship, yep sometimes you will be sad but in time you will be happy and you definitely will survive.

Thanks for reading this post it is the most personal thing I have ever written, but it feels good to finally reflect on a unhappy time in my life and be proud I got through it.....


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Beauty - updated everyday makeup

Hey lovelies,
recently I have switched up my everyday makeup routine, and by everyday I mean when I go to work or anywhere out in public, at home I'm all about the bare face!

Anyway I recently bought some new make up and some of the bits have quickly become firm favourites that I reach for nearly every morning,

All about the base !! I always start my base make up with the soap & glory one heck of a blot primer, this has been a favourite of mine for a while now, it gives my face a nice smooth surface on which to apply my foundation. One of my recent discoveries is the Revlon colorstay foundation for oily/combination skin, I know everyone raves about it but that's cause it's so good, and last ages without sliding off my face like some make up can.
My concealer of choice at the moment is Barry m flawless concealer I find this good for those pesky under eye bags.
For powder I have been using the Gosh prime n set I bought this ages ago but have only recently started using it, its a white loose powder that I find sets my make up perfectly without looking to matte. I can't find a link to it for some reason, but I got it from Superdrug.
For bronzer I've gone back to an old favourite Boujois bronzing powder , but for blush and highlighter I'm enjoying some new products the barry m cream blush in Rhubarb, I never normally use a cream blusher but love this one for Spring. and my new all time fav thing ever is the The balm Mary Lou manizer OMG I just love this highlighter, If you haven't tried it you must! 

The rest of my face!! anyone who follows me will know I love my The balm nude tude palette you can see my full review here, I use this basically every day the shades are just gorgeous and blend beautifully. Another new love is my soap & glory HD mascara I think this is gonna be my new holy grail mascara, and lastly lipstick my go to at the moment is the bloggers favourite Mac velvet teddy a perfect everyday shade.

As you can see I go for a quite subtle make up look on a daily basis as I'm not a lover of the heavily made up look.

Have you changed up your make up lately? 


Monday, 21 March 2016

Fashion - Slogan Trend

Hey lovelies,
A trend I am loving right now, is the slogan trend, well to be fair of always liked it, its just such a fun and easy way of making what would be a plain boring outfit something a bit more memorable.

I have took the hard work out of it for you and trawled the good ol internet for what I think are the cream of the crop when it comes to slogans.

Anyone of these tops would look great with skinnies and trainers, or with a cute denim skirt with a leather jacket thrown over the top, in fact you could pretty much wear them with anything.

My personal favourite's are the Nap Queen sweater, and C'est moi t-shirt, you gotta love a bit of french, even if you dunno what it means it looks chic, hahaha. In fact come pay day I think that t-shirt will be mine I love a bit of navy and white in the Spring, and I think it will look really nice with my blue Joni jeans, my Adidas trainers and my bomber jacket over the top, for a easy weekend outfit that's comfy and stylish.

Do you love the slogan trend?   what's your favourite?


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Lifestyle - 10 steps to a happier you

Hey lovelies,
recently I have been thinking about happiness and why we are never content, always thinking if I was "xyz" I would be happy or if only I looked like "her", and it's ok for her she's got this that and the other. 
Well you know what, we are in charge of our own happiness and the sooner we realise that the better.

Here are my 10 steps to a happier you;

  1. Stop being so hard on yourself, it's ok not to be a modern day wonder woman.
  2. Take time some time out and RELAX, read a book take a bath, paint your nails, it doesn't matter what it is just chill.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others we are all different and their life might not be as "perfect" as you think.
  4. If you have a dream, take steps closer to pursuing that dream,
  5. Make plans for a trip or night out, it's always good to have something to look forward to.
  6. If you hate your job, take steps towards finding a new one.
  7. Distance yourself from people who make you unhappy or make you feel bad about yourself.
  8. Say NO occasionally you don't always have to be that work colleague or friend that is always doing everyone else a favour.
  9.  Put yourself first for a change, it's ok to do something you wanna do.
  10. Remember to be you, not someone your family, boyfriend, friend wants you to be.

As I've got older I've learned to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, they will think what they think you can't change that, and it's ok to distance yourself from people who you know longer wanna be around, friends that always put you down or never text unless they won't something, you don't have to put up with that sh*t, dust yourself down and move on.

What makes you happy?


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Fashion - Spring yellow

Hey lovelies,
Spring is on its way, well allegedly anyway, it may not be sunny but my outfit is, I bought this yellow Topshop jumper a couple of years back and it's so out of my comfort zone but somehow I still love it and it's perfect for this transitional time, taking me away from the dark colours of winter to something a little more optimistic of blue skies and sunshine.

I've got the bomber on again your gonna be seeing a lot of this I think, as since I bought it I have fallen totally in love, I've put on my Adidas trainers and mom jeans that makes this the perfect everyday outfit that's comfy and ideal for this funny time of the year. When it's not Winter but not quite Spring.

Bomber - boohoo
Adidas - JD - Sports
Mom jeans - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Blue bag - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Yellow jumper - Topshop (old) 

Are you ready for Spring? What do you think of yellow?
Let me know in the comments.


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lifestyle - Yankee candles Bunny cake votive review

Hey lovelies,
Today I have a little candle review for you, I haven't done one of these lately, so thought as we are supposedly entering Spring and are nearing Easter I would share my thoughts on Bunny Cake one of Yankee candles Easter scents. I actually got this in a gift set containing three votive's, and a little container to burn them in , in the pack I got Vanilla cupcake, Jelly beans and Bunny cake and that's what I will be telling you about today.

I absolutely adore this set the packaging is so cute and very nice as an Easter gift for a Yankee lover. Now Bunny cake is a gorgeous pink candle of lovelyness that smells delicious, now I love my sweet scents so adore this sugary, coconut scent with hints of vanilla its just a perfect Spring time scent that's sweet but not over powering and soon fills your room with fragrance, I burned mine i'n my bedroom and the scent carried around my whole upstairs.
Yankee claim each votive carries 15 hours of fragrance and I would say that was true I find the votive's a good value way of trying new scents.

Have you tried any new yankee candles lately? what are your favourite scents?


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Lifestyle - easy no bake granola bars

Hey lovelies, 
I've got another super easy baking recipe for you to enjoy today, you guys seemed to like the last one, you can catch that here if you missed it, so I thought I would share this yummy no bake granola bar recipe with you....


2 cups porridge oats
1 cup of smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup peanuts
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup of honey

  1. Firstly line a square 8x8 tin with parchment paper leaving some hanging over the side.
  2. Measure out all of the above ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir till totally combined, you may need to add a squeeze more honey at this point if it's to dry.
  3. Turn the mixture into the lined tin and press down with the back of a spoon until smooth and flat.
  4. Pop the tin into the freezer and allow to set for 45 mins to an hour or when its firm.
  5. Remove from the tin cut the square in half and each half into 5 rectangle slices.
  6. Wrap in cling film or store in an air tight container in the fridge or freezer that's if there are any left, these go quick in my house.

You could easily switch this recipe up depending on what you like, maybe changing the peanut butter to almond butter, or the peanuts for different nuts or add dried fruit instead of chocolate chips. It's entirely your call. 

These are great for an on the run breakie or for that afternoon slump when you just need some energy and go perfect with a cuppa.

Let me know in the comments if your gonna give these a whirl.


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Fashion - Sporty 90's style

Hey lovelies,
For today's outfit I've gone for another 90's influenced look, I'm really loving 90's style at the moment and you guys seemed to like my last 90's look, which if you didn't see you can catch here 
This time I've gone a bit "sporty" not quite sporty spice but a little bit sporty lol!!! and by sporty I mean I've got trainers on, that's about as near as I get to doing sport.....

I've been after a bomber for a while, but didn't want anything to bulky, as I don't think they do me any favour's, so when I saw this lighter weight version I thought it would be perfect.

I knew immediately when it arrived how I wanted to wear it, so teamed it with my new blue Joni's which have recently joined my Joni jean family, a white baseball tee and white Adidas, perfect 90's style, and boy does it take me back!

I think this bomber is gonna get so much wear this Spring/Summer as it will go with just about everything. I'm also finding myself living in my trainers at the moment, which is something new for me but I must admit I'm enjoying.  

My hubbie reckons I look like one of them girls that used to hang around the park waiting for kids to beat up in this photo, Charming !

 Bomber jacket- Boohoo
Baseball top - Boohoo
Joni jeans - Topshop
Adidas trainers - JDsports

What do you think of the 90's trend? 


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