Friday, 11 March 2016

Lifestyle - 20 things you probably didn't know about me

Hey lovelies,
now I have been blogging for over 6 months I thought I would share a little with you, about the real Kate......
I love these kinda posts cause I'm dead nosey, so If you are keep on reading.

  1. I have two teenage sons.
  2. I've been married to my second husband for 3 years,
  3. My first husband is a W*nker.
  4. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are my guilty pleasure.
  5. I'm scared of Jelly (food shouldn't wobble it's wrong)
  6. I first got served in a pub at 15.
  7. I once got barred from a pub.
  8. I have never worn false eyelashes, they freak me out!
  9. I NEVER have bare toenails EVER.
  10. I own 80+ pairs of shoes.
  11. I get my roots coloured every 5 weeks without fail.
  12. I have 4 pets, a dog a cat and 2 rabbits.
  13. I love cheese, and can never have to much cheese,
  14. I have my belly pierced.
  15. I once poured a drink over a guys head and it was the best feeling in the WORLD!
  16. At the age of 12 I got asked to leave the girl guides.
  17. I am always cold.
  18. I love baking.
  19. I have 4 tattoo's.
  20. I am incredibly messy.
I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the weirdo that I am.
Let me know in the comments if you share any of my strange ways, I would love to know I'm not the only freak!



  1. I don't wear false eyelashes too, my eyes are too sensitive for that crap haha, I have an unhealthy relationship with cheese too 😊

  2. Haha my first husband is a w**ker haha love it! Great post beauty! xoxo

  3. What a fabulous post :). Thank you so much for sharing these fun facts, it's ever so lovely to get to know you a little better :).

    Talk about an AMAZING shoe collection, over 80 pairs! Wow! I'm in heaven! I love shoes and would really enjoy seeing all of yours hehe!

    I also feel really cold all of the time too - even in Summer! Haha!

    El xxxx

  4. Love this post, I always always have my toes painted too! I think your blog is lovely, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  5. I hate jelly too, eughhh! 80 pairs of shoes, not jealous at all ;) xx

    1. Yay a fellow jelly hater I thought I was on my own lol xoxo

    2. Yay a fellow jelly hater I thought I was on my own lol xoxo

  6. Totally blew my mind that you have two teenage sons!

    S .x

  7. Great post! I have 1 tattoo but want lots more, I once moonied workmen for Wolf whistling at me everyday whilst walking to work and I'd had enough haha they never did it again and safe to say they was pissed off lol. I don't wear fake lashes because I have long thick lashes anyway. Loved reading tour blog post Kate
    Lisa XoX

  8. Pouring a drink on a guys head sounds epic! I totally agree with your love of cheese, you can never have enough : ) Great post!
    Steph x.


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