Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fashion - 6 things we all need in our wardrobe

6 things we all need in our wardrobe, black jeans , black blazer, white trainers,handbag, sunglasses

Hey lovelies,
I have recently been thinking about items that I think we all need in our wardrobes. key pieces that can be mixed and matched with new items that we pick up through out the seasons.

  1. A great pair of black jeans, my choice is of course Topshop Joni jeans, but choose any pair that you feel great in.
  2. A black blazer, for me is another must it will go with just about anything in your wardrobe, instantly making any outfit look put together this one is a Newlook one I picked up from Asos.
  3. A white Tee is a just a classic it looks good with anything but especially with black as I have done here. Mines a hollister one again picked up from Asos.
  4. A decent size black or navy handbag that is the perfect size for chucking all your everyday essentials in, this one is an Oasis one from Asos.
  5. A pair of white trainers, white trainers are everywhere this season and for good reason they look good are practical and comfy and ideal for a busy woman about town, mine are Adidas that I picked up from JD Sports.
  6. Sunglasses just finish an outfit I have several pairs as I have a sunglasses problem, I have bought 3 pairs so far this year, whoops, personally I never buy expensive ones as I like to have plenty to choose from these ones I picked up the very morning of these photo's in Newlook.

What are your key pieces? have I missed anything?



  1. All great basics, I don't think I have a white tee or white trainers will have to look into them now you mention it haha, Gemma x

  2. I love those sunnies and that blazer hun, also gorg photo's! xoxo

  3. Perfect wardrobe basics :). I LOVE the Topshop Joni jeans, they are my favourite and are ever so comfortable to wear. I'm also loving your black blazer, it looks gorgeous on you and is a fab staple piece :).

    El xxx


  4. LOVE that bag... must go and order one now 😀


  5. A white tee is always my go-to style fix! I just love white tshirts- so please a crisp.

    Love LC xxx



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