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Lifestyle - Zoella Gingerbread village candle review

Zoella Gingerbread village candle review

Hey lovelies,
If there where two things I love this time of the year it would be Gingerbread and candles. so when I heard about Zoella's lifestyle range and that it would include a Gingerbread candle I new I had to get my paws on it asap.
Sweet foodie type scents are my absolute favourite when it comes to candles, and this Zoella offering doesn't disappoint its sweet yet subtly spicy and literally smells like a Gingerbread man fresh out the oven, does it get any better?
This scent is perfect for Autumn but will be equally as good for Winter and Christmas time, a time when I know I will be consuming many a Gingerbread man.

The scent throw for the Gingerbread village candle is good and soon has the whole house smelling delicious, a mixture of sweet vanilla and warm cinnamon perfection in a candle.

Gingerbread Village is available from Superdrug for £10 and I think is pretty reasonable for the quality and size of the candle.

Have you tried Gingerbread village yet?

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  1. I smelt this the other day and wasn't blown away but still wanted to try it, if that makes sense?! The other items in her range look amazing!

    Parie x

    Class and Glitter

  2. The Zoella gingerbread candle sounds amazing! I'll have to check it out the next time I go shopping :-) Thank you for the recommendation lovely.

    El xxx


  3. I've just tried the Zoella gingerbread hand cream and really liked the scent so if it is anything like it I reckon I'd love this candle! I'm a massive fan of anything that smells gingery or spicey and it's great that it really does fill up the house with the scent completely! xx



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