Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Beauty - Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter body Repairing cream + discount

Dr Botanicals moroccan rose & shea butter body repairing cream

Hey lovelies,
I first discovered Dr Botanicals back in September when I tried out some of there skincare and loved it, you can read that review here if you like.
 Anyway if you don't know about Dr Botanicals they are a totally Vegan luxury skincare brand who make top quality products across there range, today I'm gonna share with you my thoughts on the Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Body Repairing cream*, now I must admit I can be pretty lazy when it comes to moisterising my body, but when you try a cream that not only feels nice on the skin but smells incredible I guess it makes it easier. What I love about this cream is that it totally sinks into the skin know having to rub it in for ages and know getting into bed with that sticky greasy feeling on your skin, cause you get none of that with the Moroccan Rose & Shea butter cream. Second of all it smells amazing leaving a subtle perfume to the skin that remains for several hours I can still smell this in the morning when I've used it at night, and with Valentine's coming up who doesn't want silky soft skin with a gentle rose fragrance with shea butter.
The science behind Dr Botanicals Moroccan rose & shea butter body repairing cream* are the moroccan oil is rich in omega 3 and 6 great for firming and hydrating the skin, and Shea butter is high in vitamins A, F & E to protect soothe and hydrate skin, and all this is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free.

From now until the end of February Dr Botanicals have put the Moroccan rose range on offer so you can get your skin Valentine's ready, with the body repairing cream reduced to just £24.99 they have also kindly given me a discount code for you guys giving you a further 20% off  using my code KATESBLOG, so what's stopping you get ordering!!

Not only is this cream great for Valentines, it would also make a great gift for a birthday or mother's day, so why not pick up a jar while it's on offer.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

Lifestyle - January Degustabox review + £7 discount code

Hey lovelies,
Its time for my January  Degustabox* box review, if you're not familiar with Degustabox, read on on cause I'm about to fill you in.......
Degustabox is a monthly subscription box, but not for beauty for FOOD, yeah you read that right for a know commitment monthly fee of £12.99 you get 10 - 15 food and drink surprises sent to your home for you to enjoy, many of the items are new to the market, so you'll be among'st the first to try them. 

So here's what I got In January's box;

First up I got a voucher entitling me to a free gourmet yoghurt from the collective, as I love yogurt I popped into my local tesco and exchanged it for this large tub in fudge flavour, and it's yummy with some fruit and granola for breakie.

Now onto some savoury snacks, I got a bag of crazy hot popchips, popchips are great as they are baked not fried so healthier than your normal share bag of crisps, although these where pretty hot for me my husband loved them, hes a real crisp fiend and soon polished them off. Yushoi rice sticks are another healthy alternative to crisps and these coconut and chili ones are yummy.
Lastly for the savoury snacks I had a bag of finn crisp crispbread snacks I love these for snacking or dipping in salsa or dip.

January box is definitely a pretty healthy box, it has Quinoa in it lol. Quinola mothergrain is an express range of healthy meal accompaniments, I must admit Quinoa is not really my thing but I'll defo give it a go. I also got 2 The Chai co. chai shots, I popped these in with my porridge while cooking adding a nutty flavour and loads of extra fibre.

There where quite a lot of drinks in this months box my fav being the jar of Littles vanilla flavoured coffee, flavoured coffee is life and this vanilla one is delicious and only 4 calories a cup. My son enjoyed the protein boost strawberry drink, he loves strawberry milk and for someone who's always running late great for an on the go breakfast full of protein. I also got a couple of Ginger flavoured drinks one from Hibiscus organic brimming with natural goodness the next Crabbie's, the UK's top alcoholic ginger beer both of which my hubbie drank I'm not keen on Ginger drinks. Lastly for drinks I got 2 cans of Aspire healthy, calorie and sugar free energy drinks, great for that afternoon slump.

I love baking but do try to not have to much sugar so this container of Natvia 100% natural sweetener, is perfect now I can swap it for sugar in some of my recipes. Last but not least who doesn't love sweets? and these strawberry Fruitella have 30% less sugar so you can eat them with a little less guilt!

January's box was a pretty good box and I think I will be using pretty much everything, if you are a foodie I would a 100% recommend giving degustabox a whirl.

 If you would like to get yourself a whooping £7 off your first Degustabox use my code 90RFN making it just £5.99, Bargain.


Saturday, 28 January 2017

Fashion - Going back to my style roots

Hey lovelies,
Recently I have been thinking about what my style is? and why do I sometimes try to be something I'm not, If I'm honest I've always been a bit of a scruff, tom boy, jeans and Tshirt kinda girl and you know what that's ok! that's what I am, I'm not a girly girl with immaculate hair and perfectly polished outfits.
When I saw this top in River Island I was immediately drawn to it, it's basically what I would've chosen 10/15 years ago, and that's ok it's my style. What brings it up to date is the interesting choker neckline, chokers are still gonna be a big thing for a while I think.

Of course I had to put on my beloved Aviator Jacket, if you follow my Instagram you would've seen it loads, I got it for Christmas and I am totally smitten and basically live in it, again its my style, and perfect for this weather as it keeps me pretty toasty as well as looking amazing with everything.
Mines from River island unfortunately they don't have it anymore but I've found a few alternatives for you if Aviator jackets are your bag.

I'm all for trying new things but it's also ok to admit to what you are, you're you and that's ok !

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Beauty - January favourite's

Ultimate basics merry macaroons high beam

Hey lovelies,
It's time for the first favourite's post of 2017, dreaded January is almost over, always the longest month of the year I think, I must admit I'm pretty over Winter and I am longing for Spring and I think there is a nod to that in my favourites this month. My perfume of choice this last few weeks being Vera wang princess, its quite a light what I would call Spring like scent, rather unlike Black Opium and Alien that I was favouring before Christmas. Maybe it's just me trying to hurry Spring along.
The rest of my favourites I was lucky enough to of received as Christmas presents, and it heavily favours eye makeup, firstly Too Faced Merry Macaroons gift set containing the most pretty palette ever and The better than sex mascara, is a total hit for me I have used the palette loads the colours are divine and the pigmentation second to none and the mascara is amazeballs you can read my review here. Next up another eyeshadow palette this time Urban decay's Ultimate basics palette, I love UD Naked palettes and this beauty is no exception, the quality is insane the colours super wearable what's not to love. I reviewed that here if you fancy checking that out.
Last up is a highlighter from Benefit, high beam now I love a highlighter but normally use a powder one but since receiving this mini in a Benefit gift set at Christmas I have been obsessed and used it most days, it's super pretty and a little goes along way so despite it being a mini I think it will last a while.

Are you longing for Spring to? or you a Winter lover?

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Beauty- Kiss Daisy Blooming lashes review

Hey lovelies,
When it comes to lashes I think it's safe to say we all know the Kiss brand, as a tried and tested producer of lashes. Well Kiss have recently upped there game with there new Blooming lashes named after various flowers as they appear to make your lashes blossom like the petals of a flower. The Blooming lashes have a multi angle technology with lashes at different lengths to naturally lengthen, thicken and add volume to your lashes.
Here I have the Kiss blooming lashes in Daisy* and aren't they pretty?
I love how natural looking they are, making people wonder if they are your real lashes not looking obviously fake like some lashes can. I must admit I rarely wear false lashes, but these Kiss Daisy lashes are perfect if I wanna go to the extra effort for a special occasion or function.

Because of the multi angle technology, they really open up your eyes, giving them a super fluttery but natural look.
They are the perfect addition to my makeup collection.

The Kiss blooming lashes are available in Boots and cost £6.75.

I also recently reviewed Kiss wing it liner so if you missed that read it here.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Fashion - workwear wishlist

Hey lovelies,
If you read my blog regularly or follow my Twitter or Instagram, you will probably know I am currently out of work and actively seeking a new job. I left my retail job back in November as things were getting tough there, due to one thing and another and I decided for my own state of mind to leave, of course I am very lucky my husband supported my decision, but now it's time to get back in the saddle although I am looking to steer my career in a different direction.
You know what that means? I will of course need a whole new work wardrobe!
I have been searching the internet for work outfits nearly as much as I have been searching for work, Yes I know I'm a saddo but I really do have a lot of time on my hands, and any excuse to search for clothes and shoes.
Here are my top picks for my new workwear wardrobe;


Trousers are things I'm most excited about choosing, as I never wear them, I live in jeans so to have a few pairs of nice trousers with maybe if I'm brave some colour, would be a definite plus for my work wardrobe. 


As you can see from my selection of tops I am totally feeling, the pretty detail sleeve trend, perfect for a smart/casual office outfit.


If I was to wear a dress or skirt I would probably keep it pretty classic, but I just couldn't resist adding in the leather skirt, because it's so frigging cute.


For footwear I've gone for a selection to suit my outfit choices, how pretty are the ankle strap ones, I thought they would jazz up a plain outfit, and with a small block heel should be fairly comfy.

So wish me luck lol, I'm getting pretty poor now!

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Beauty - Kiss Wing it Eyeliner review

Hey lovelies,
I don't think I'm alone in saying that most of us love a little sassy flick of eyeliner to make our eye makeup complete, whether you go for a subtle flick or you prefer a full on cat eye, we all love it.
For me I've never exactly been particularly proficient at an eyeliner flick but I get by usually using a felt pen type eyeliner, rather then Gel having never really got on with it, that is until I gave Kiss Wing It* a go. The new Wing it Gel liner comes complete with a nifty little stencil that you just position against your eye then use the slanted brush to fill in, thus creating your desired wing.

I must admit it did take me a couple of attempts to get the positioning right, my pesky hooded lids don't help, but once  I got the hang of it, I actually quite like it, the liner itself is super black and is really easy to apply whether you wanna use the template or not, one dip of the brush in the liner is enough to line one eye, meaning this stuff is gonna last yonks. Another plus side is Kiss Wing it* liner is also smudge and waterproof great for someone like me who often rubs my eyes, and is then like shit!! cause I've rubbed eyeliner all round my face.

So if you fancy trying a new eyeliner to create your perfect wing I would recommend you give Kiss Wing it a go, its also only £7.99 so won't break the bank, especially if you are post Christmas poor.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Lifestyle - Yankee candle creamy vanilla coconut votive review

Yankee candle home inspirations creamy vanilla and coconut

Hey lovelies,
you all know I'm a massive Yankee candle fan, but what I'm especially loving at the mo is the home inspirations range, sold in Tesco and Asda, same Yankee candle quality nearly half the price of the regular Yankee candles, what's not to love.
I picked up this votive from my local Tesco store for only a pound, and I've checked out Tesco direct's website and they sell the large jars for only £13 much better than the Twenty odd pound for the regular candles.
Anyway onto creamy vanilla coconut, as soon as I saw this I was like, I have to try this Vanilla and Coconut are some of my favourite scents, so combined in one candle this can only be a good thing right? right as soon as I unwrapped this bad boy from its packaging I got a definite whiff of coconut, and it was love. Once I started burning creamy vanilla coconut, my living room soon filled with the sweet bounty bar like scent, If you love sweet foodie scents trust me you are gonna love this, there's notes of vanilla too making it just delicious. 
As you would expect from Yankee the scent throw is pretty good and it makes your whole home smell inviting and the scent lasts even after blowing the candle out.
These Yankee candle home inspirations are defo worth a look in my opinion, I have tried a couple of scents and I have been really pleased with them. 

I reviewed the Banana bread one back in November you can read that here, if you fancy.

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Fashion - Pleated midi skirt for date night

Hey lovelies,
I'm finally back with my first outfit post of 2017, soz about the delay, what with this shity weather and illness, we just haven't been able to shoot any outfits, but here I am I'm back.
For my first outfit of the year I thought I would show you a cute date night look, one of my New Years goals for this year included going out and having more fun including making more time for date nights with the Mr. You can read all about my other goals here.

I must admit I have been a bit slow on getting on the pleated midi skirt bandwagon, not cause I didn't like them but because I didn't think they would suit me, but I have given it a go and I think I kinda pulled it off?

I picked the skirt up from believe it or not TU at Sainsburys, its called Khaki but it has almost a metallic look to it, it also comes in Navy if this colour is not your bag. 

The quality of the skirt is lovely and I prefer the stretch waistband rather then a fiddly zip, the metallic look makes it appear more expensive then its £18 price tag! I know right its a bit of a bargain. 
I decided to keep the top half of this outfit quite plain, not wanting anything taking away from skirt, so decided to go for this blush pink ruffled shoulder top from boohoo, this to was a total steal at only 12 quid, showing you don't have to spend a ton of money even on a going out outfit.

Footwear wise for me it was a no brainer these zip up stiletto heeled ankle boots* from shoezone's 2015 collection, just work with this outfit saving the midi skirt swapping my short frame and making the whole outfit look more evening appropriate.

Shop similar here 

And here

Are you loving pleated skirts this season?
What's your perfect date night outfit?

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Fashion - My top 6 outfits from 2016

Hey lovelies,

while looking through previous posts, I found a top outfits of 2015 post which seemed to go down quite well, so thought as I haven't been able to shoot any outfits yet so far in 2017 due to one thing and another, I would share my most read outfit posts of last year and have a little reminisce over the year that was 2016.

  1. Styling a band tee 

I absolutely love this outfit and I think it sums up my style completely. I'm glad it's your favourite too.  

Remember Summer? seems a long time ago, love those converse for warm days for a pop of pink.

A pinafore that doesn't make me look like an overgrown child is a winner in my book.

I always love to layer up when it gets chilly, and leather always looks good.

Forever my favourite print, don't think I'll ever fall out of love with leopard print.

I never normally wear this type of colour but this season I have fallen in love with mustard.

I hope you enjoyed this little look back at last year, I hope in 2017 to share many more outfits with you, and I would quite like a bit more sun, less snow and know more illness please to get in the way of my plans.

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