Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fashion & beauty - If I wasn't Poor wishlist

Hey lovelies,
You may know that I am currently out of work, and actively looking for a new job, well as you can probably guess my status as broke has not stopped me looking at clothes and makeup, and adding them to my ever growing wishlist of things I'm gonna buy when I have a job, and am know longer poor.
Why is it when you're stoney broke is when you see shit tonnes of stuff that you just need?  Topshop for one have loads of things I am loving right now. 
I mean how amazing is that dress?  the fluted sleeves and ruffles right now are calling for me.


As for makeup, yes I know I got some for Christmas you can read what I got in my what I got for Christmas post if you fancy, but yes I still need want more.
I am desperate to try more from Kat Von D, Too faced and of course my beloved Urban Decay.


Pray for me that I get a job soon, as its hard being a blogger and poor! I can only see this list getting longer.

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  1. Oh my that dress from Topshop is stunning!!! I love it! The tops are pretty too :-)

    El xx


  2. These are all great picks, I love the title too.


  3. It's always the case that you see so much when money is short. Fingers crossed for you that you get a job soon babe. I do love your picks too by the way. Gemma x


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