Saturday, 28 January 2017

Fashion - Going back to my style roots

Hey lovelies,
Recently I have been thinking about what my style is? and why do I sometimes try to be something I'm not, If I'm honest I've always been a bit of a scruff, tom boy, jeans and Tshirt kinda girl and you know what that's ok! that's what I am, I'm not a girly girl with immaculate hair and perfectly polished outfits.
When I saw this top in River Island I was immediately drawn to it, it's basically what I would've chosen 10/15 years ago, and that's ok it's my style. What brings it up to date is the interesting choker neckline, chokers are still gonna be a big thing for a while I think.

Of course I had to put on my beloved Aviator Jacket, if you follow my Instagram you would've seen it loads, I got it for Christmas and I am totally smitten and basically live in it, again its my style, and perfect for this weather as it keeps me pretty toasty as well as looking amazing with everything.
Mines from River island unfortunately they don't have it anymore but I've found a few alternatives for you if Aviator jackets are your bag.

I'm all for trying new things but it's also ok to admit to what you are, you're you and that's ok !

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