Thursday, 5 January 2017

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2017 goals

Hey lovelies,
I have seen a few posts about New year's Resolutions, and I must admit I'm not normally one for all that, but 2016 for me personally was a dodgy rollercoaster year, I mean it's not all doom and gloom I had some good times, but I also had some shit times, a friend betraying me and quitting my job due to the intolerable amount of crap I had to deal with. So this year I'm gonna make a few changes and do some things for me, so stick around if you wanna be nosey and find out what those things are.....

Find a new job, now this is a big one, I want a change of direction a new challenge, a job I actually want to do, not one where I feel taken advantage of and used. I want to be challenged I want to learn and I want to be happy above all.
Have more fun, go out more, go out on dates with my hubby, go places as a family, go to the movies with my best friend. I wanna be spontaneous, I don't want to worry and be anxious about everything I wanna learn to chill out, relax, go with the flow. This is going to take work cause I am mega uptight lol but I'm going to try.
Cook more, I want to cook more from scratch, eat healthier, waste less and shop smarter. I want to get back into the kitchen and enjoy cooking again, cause last year due to time restraint and feeling stressed I lost my love of cooking for a bit and I want it back.

I'm hoping for big changes this year, not from everyone else but from me, I need to do more of what I want, and what makes me happy and be a little more selfish.

Do you have any resolutions?



  1. great goals. i wish you the best of luck for finding a new job. I dont have any set resolutions this year but i've been really proud for achieveing the ones i set in the last two years. happy new year darling xo

  2. fingers crossed for all your resolutions then! How fun finding a new job!I would love to find somewhere new too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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