Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beauty - gel fantasy nails from Kiss

Hey lovelies,
I'm back with another nail product from Kiss products, can you tell I love em. This time I'm talking about the Gel fantasy rush hour* nails. These pale pink/nude nails with a stunning glitter detail are just lush, and how easy are they either use the adhesive tabs or glue provided, no having to deal with layers of polish and glitter, cause you know how stressful taking glitter off your nails is?

The thing I have found since I have been using kiss products nails is these beauties stay on, no having nails drop off throughout the day, and of course they are so reasonable these gel fantasy ones retail at just £6.99 from boots, so in many cases cheaper than the nail polish you would need to create this design and certainly cheaper than visiting a salon.
Each box contains 24 nails of varying sizes so its easy to match up your size, plus glue and adhesive tabs.

I think this design is super pretty and delicate perfect for a wedding guest or maybe prom. 

If you are looking for good quality reasonably priced nails I would highly recommend giving these ago.

Have you tried Kiss nails? 

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Beauty - February favourite's

too faced sleek L'oreal soeco dr botanicals

Hey lovelies,
Its that time again, yet another month has passed, and we are heading hopefully in the direction of Spring, hell yeah, can't bloody wait for a bit of sunshine, blossom on the trees and not having to wear quite so many layers. Anyway I digress here's what I have been loving in the month of February.
I'll start with makeup and the newest member of the family, my gorgeous and beloved Sweet peach palette, what can I say, the shades are stunning the quality second to none and it smells pretty damn good to, what's not to love.
Next makeup item is another product I have been loving and worn none stop this month and that's the sleek Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette, it's so pretty I wrote a full review with swatches if you wanna check that out here.

Still on makeup, well makeup brushes actually I have been really enjoying So eco's rose gold stippling brush* it is just perfect for applying blusher and so soft you can read more about that here.

The last two products are skincare products, as you know I love skincare and am always on the lookout for something new, the first product I have actually had for a while and rediscovered recently and that's L'oreal's pure clay detox mask I have been using this weekly for the last month and have noticed my skin looks smoother and my pores definitely look smaller. I reviewed a while back so if you missed it check it out here.
Lastly but by know means least is a gorgeous body cream by Dr Botanicals moroccan rose and shea butter* I can't get enough of it, smells lovely and my skin feels silky soft, check out my post cause if you're quick I have a discount code that goes up till the last day of February.

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fashion - Embroidered denim jacket

Hey lovelies,
Embroidery its everywhere, I dabbled in it last year but this year its really everywhere and especially on denim, and oh I so "needed" an embroidered denim jacket. Thats where I had to think outside the box I was unemployed I couldn't just throw away £50 on a denim jacket, especially as I already owned 2, so I got crafty, this pale blue oversized denim jacket was a depop purchase last year for a bargain £6, so I decided to embroider it myself, as I can't sow for toffee I again had to think, that's when I discovered iron on adhesive that makes adding patches to my jacket a breeze. The patches themselves where from Ebay, they have tonnes and the adhesive from Amazon, so for spending about a tenner I had transformed my humble denim jacket into a statement piece.

Shop the outfit

Will you be embracing the embroidered trend for Spring/summer?
I'm thinking about what I can " embroider " next.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Fashion - My Spring picks and essentials

Hey lovelies,
The shops are full of Spring pieces, so what should we be picking up in preparation for those warmer days? In this post I'm gonna share a few bits that I think are Spring time essentials, obviously this is just my opinion and you might think Kate you're chatting crap, my spring essentials are XYZ, if so let me know in the comments, what you think are wardrobe must haves for the warmer months.
First up you're gonna want a jacket, time to put away our big winter coats and go for a lighter option.

In Spring I love a denim or leather jacket to throw on, or a trench coat for more formal outfits.
Floral prints

I must admit I'm not a girlie girl but even I like a bit of floral in Springtime, I love a pretty dress with a leather jacket thrown over the top.

A selection of T-shirts is an absolute must have for me, personally I like a band Tee or slogan top, but whatever you choose they look cute af tucked into skinny jeans with a leather jacket or blazer, or with a pleated skirt and denim jacket. In fact let's face it they go with anything!

What do you think to my Spring essentials?
Let me know what you will be buying, oh and a heads up that embroidered denim jacket will be coming to Kate's Closet real soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Beauty - Sleek makeup cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette

Sleek's cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette

Hey lovelies,
if you follow my Instagram which you obviously should then you would've already seen numerous pictures of this little beauty. I picked it a few weeks back, as I had saved up enough boots points, thank god for loyalty points when your skint eh? I also picked up the sleek rose gold blush, you can read my review of that here.
So anyway on to the Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette, first up the packaging is divine, although can get a little grubby but nothing a little wipe won't sort out.

Inside the palette are four highlighters, a little brush which I must admit I haven't used, and a full sized mirror, which is always appreciated.

Of the four highlighters you get two cream products dynasty and delta, perfect for inner corner of the eye, brow bone or whatever you won't really and two powder sphinx and goddess I love these applied to the cheekbones, and cupids bow.

As you can see from the swatches all the highlighters are super pretty and are well pigmented. I love all four highlighters and vary the ones I use depending on what I fancy, although I think goddess is my favourite, to be honest for the price tag of £9.99 even if you only used one or two of the four shades it would still be excellent value for money.

Cleopatra's kiss has become a firm favourite in my makeup collection, and I must say since buying both this and the blush I have been really impressed with Sleek as a brand and will defo be adding more of their products to my collection.

What else do I need from sleek? let me know in the comments what I should be buying next.

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Beauty - So Eco rose gold stippling brush review

Hey lovelies,
In recent months I've really got into adding to my makeup brush collection, and one brush I really felt was missing from my collection was the perfect brush for applying blusher, so when I had the opportunity to try out So Eco's rose gold stippling brush* I was bang up for it. I have a couple of So Eco's brushes in my stash already so I already new the brush was gonna be good quality.
What I love about So Eco as a brand they are cruelty free, unbelievably soft, hand cut, vegan and vegi friendly even their packaging is eco friendly, so you can enjoy great quality brushes without any guilt.

The stippling brush itself is very aesthetically pleasing with its bamboo and rose gold handle and white tipped brush head, which may I add is so soft, I may be so bold to say, the softest brush in my collection. 
I find it perfect for applying blusher, it seems to pick up just the right amount of product and blends beautifully to give my face a subtle pinky glow. I must say I am so impressed with this brush and would love to add more brushes from the brand to my makeup brush collection.

Have you tried any So Eco brushes?

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Beauty - Introducing Neutral sensitive skincare

Neutral skincare review

Hey lovelies,
If you have been following me for a while you will know I love skincare and am always trying out new products and brands. So when I got the opportunity to test and review products from a new to the UK skincare brand, I couldn't resist giving Neutral a try.
First up here's a bit about the brand itself Neutral are a Nordic brand for sensitive skin they have a large product range of items aimed at all members of the family especially those with sensitive skin or those that prefer to use products free from unnecessary perfumes, parabens or colourants, they are leaders in the Danish market and are now available here in the UK, sound good so far? 
Here's my thoughts;

Neutral 0% face wash* £8.99  
This is my favourite product from the ones I have tried, it is a pump action face wash that produces a light foamy cleanser, it is perfect for use in my morning shower. Despite the cleanser being light it feels lovely on the skin, leaving it feeling clean and really soft without causing drying or tightness, a perfect start to my morning routine. I really like this product.

Neutral 0% skin tonic* £8.99
The skin tonic toner, works great after the cleanser and helps to leave your skin feel clean and looking at its best ready for the day.
The skin tonic can be used both morning and night but I used it in the mornings after washing my face with the face wash, and I'm loving how soft my face has been feeling since using this combo.

Neutral 0% intensive repair cream* £6.99
The Intensive repair cream is for people with extra dry skin, designed to provide respite from extremely dry or cracked skin, while still being suitable for sensitive skin and those with allergies. I used this on the dry skin on my elbows and knees and loved the results. Even though this cream is super hydrating its not thick or greasy and feels pleasant on the skin.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the quality and effectiveness of these products and I would 100% recommend checking them out if you, or someone in your family suffers from sensitive skin. They like I said earlier have a huge product range so I'm sure you will find what you are looking for and some products also come in bundles making them even better value.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Beauty - LGFB Flawless foundation duo brush set review

LGFB flawless foundation duo set review

Hey lovelies,
we all like buying makeup and makeup brushes ect, but what about if while you are doing that you are also helping raise money for charity? Look good feel better is a charity that supports women and teenagers struggling with the visible side effects of cancer.

Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to improving the self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing of people undergoing treatment for any sort of cancer. It is our aim to improve their self-image and appearance through free group and self-help skincare and make-up workshops that create a sense of support, confidence, and wellbeing.

Lfgb brushes are available in many high street retailers, and 8% -12% of price goes direct to the charity.

Now onto the brushes themselves, they are soft touch for sensitive skin and cruelty free, the due foundation set* contains a duo fibre foundation brush, an angled foundation brush and a protective pouch. I have been trying these out for a few days now and I can report back that I am impressed, the quality of the brushes is superb and they look great in my makeup brush collection.

Duo-fibre foundation brush* - this I have to say is my favourite of the two brushes, I have used it to apply a couple of different foundations and have found the results the same the brush blends the makeup well and leaves a beautiful finish to the skin, no brush marks just effortlessly flawless skin.

Angled foundation brush* - I am not usually a huge fan of angled foundation brushes for applying foundation but I must admit this one does work for that purpose, but I prefer it for concealer and setting my under eye area with powder. I guess you could use it for whatever you wanted maybe even contouring.

For more details please visit Look Good Feel Better and support this worthy cause.

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