Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Beauty - Sleek makeup cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette

Sleek's cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette

Hey lovelies,
if you follow my Instagram which you obviously should then you would've already seen numerous pictures of this little beauty. I picked it a few weeks back, as I had saved up enough boots points, thank god for loyalty points when your skint eh? I also picked up the sleek rose gold blush, you can read my review of that here.
So anyway on to the Cleopatra's kiss highlighting palette, first up the packaging is divine, although can get a little grubby but nothing a little wipe won't sort out.

Inside the palette are four highlighters, a little brush which I must admit I haven't used, and a full sized mirror, which is always appreciated.

Of the four highlighters you get two cream products dynasty and delta, perfect for inner corner of the eye, brow bone or whatever you won't really and two powder sphinx and goddess I love these applied to the cheekbones, and cupids bow.

As you can see from the swatches all the highlighters are super pretty and are well pigmented. I love all four highlighters and vary the ones I use depending on what I fancy, although I think goddess is my favourite, to be honest for the price tag of £9.99 even if you only used one or two of the four shades it would still be excellent value for money.

Cleopatra's kiss has become a firm favourite in my makeup collection, and I must say since buying both this and the blush I have been really impressed with Sleek as a brand and will defo be adding more of their products to my collection.

What else do I need from sleek? let me know in the comments what I should be buying next.

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  1. What a gorgeous palette! I would love to try it :) Thank you for the recommendation lovely. Sleek are fab!

    El xx


  2. I have another highlighting palette from Sleek, which is just as pretty as this one so I'm not surprised you love it! They're so reasonably priced too :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  3. This looks so pretty! Gemma x


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