Saturday, 13 May 2017

Beauty - May new beauty purchases

charlotte tilbury light wonder, barrym revlon

Hey lovelies,

I'm back with another new beauty purchases post, I wrote one last month about the little beauty bits I treated myself to, and it seemed to go down well, so here's what I have bought this month.

First up and the most exciting and expensive (whoops) of my new beauty purchases and that's Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation, I first tried this in sample form, as Charlotte Tilbury kindly let you choose samples when making an order on the website, and I really liked it, so come pay day the inevitable happened and I made an order. The thing I really love about the light wonder foundation, is the light part, it feels really lightweight on the skin, which I love, especially in the warmer months, but don't let that fool you, this foundation still provides decent medium coverage. I love the healthy glow it gives to my skin, all in all despite being expensive I am glad I bought it.

The rest of the beauty buys were picked up on a whim in Superdrug, like you do, You guys know I love Barry M, especially the nail polish, so I had to pick up one of the new molten metal shades, I have one bought when they first came out and I love it so decided to pick up the new Pink Ice rose gold, because it looks so pretty, and it's rose gold sooooo...... Anyway it's lush as expected.

Also from Barry M I got the colour corrector wand for dark circles, because they are defo an issue I have as I guess many of you do to, those pesky eye bags can be a nightmare, and this little wand is wonder at lightening up that area and the formula is really creamy, so there is not dragging on that delicate area.

Last up a new offering from Revlon, a drugstore brand I have always loved, Revlon Ultra HD gel lipcolour, these come in a huge range of shades some of them a bit to daring for my taste, but also some more wearable shades, I chose sand a gorgeous shimmery nude shade, perfect for a bronzed summery makeup look, what I love about these is the formula it is so hydrating it literally feels more like a lip treatment then a lipstick. The colour pay off is good, the formula is lovely the only downside with these is as you normally get with a more creamy hydrating product is it doesn't last ages, but to be fair it feels so nice to put on it's not really a hardship to reapply.

If you fancy checking out what I bought last month if you missed in just click  here, and have a look.



  1. These all look so gorgeous. I haven't seen the Revlon Gel Lipcolour I must look out for them x

  2. I love all the bronze colours here.

  3. I'd love to try the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation, it sounds amazing!

    El xx


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