Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Beauty - Joan Collins Class Act lash treatment gel review

Joan Collins class act lash treatment

Joan Collins class act lash treatment

Joan Collins class act lash treatment

Hey lovelies,

Now I have been pretty lucky when it comes to lashes, mine are naturally dark and not a bad length, but of course I want more, I am a woman we always want more. So when I had the opportunity to try a lash treatment that promised to make my lashes, not only longer, but thicker and healthier, I needed to try it.
Class act lash treatment* looks like a mascara, but is a clear serum that is applied to the lashes once a day either in the evening, or under mascara during the day, the only issue I had with this product was remembering to use it, apart from that it's quick and straightforward. 
The Class act lash treatment* contains sea and plant extracts that stimulate lashes to grow longer, quicker and thicker.

So does it work? I have been using this product for a little over a month, when I remember to use it. I have noticed some changes, it's very hard to tell if my lashes are longer, but they are definitely thicker and fuller looking, and I seem to be not losing as many lashes as normal. Overall I think the appearance of my lashes has improved, and I intend to carry on using it, to see if I get any further improvements.

You can buy Class act lash treatment from the Joan Collins beauty website, or conveniently in Marks & Spencer for £20.


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