Thursday, 14 September 2017

Beauty - Getting my feet holiday ready with Scholl

Scholl velvet smooth velvet pedi

Scholl velvet smooth velvet pedi

Hey lovelies,

I am so bad at walking around at home and in the garden with bare feet, which in itself may not be a big deal but it unfortunately it makes my feet not to pretty, giving me hard skin, especially on my heels, and as I'm off on holiday soon and will be wearing sandals again. I thought I ought to sort my feet out, and my hubby must of agreed cause he bought me the Scholl Velvet smooth Diamond pedi extra coarse hard skin remover. ( So cheers for that babe, you saying I've got skanky feet? ) 

Scholl velvet smooth velvet pedi

I have tried many foot creams, which are nice and make the skin on my feet soft but never get rid of the hard skin, that's where this Scholl velvet pedi extra coarse hard skin remover comes in, it takes just a couple of minutes to buff the dreaded hard skin from my heels. It's so easy to use literally one switch turns the roller buffer on, then you gently buff the hard skin for a few seconds at a time, check the results and carry on for a few more seconds if needed. It's really that easy, I then slather on some nice foot cream and tada my feet look and feel so much nicer. 

So if you also have the dreaded hard skin on your feet, I would recommend giving this a go.


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