Thursday, 19 October 2017

Beauty - Revlon colorstay brow pencil in soft black

Revlon colorstay brow pencil in soft black

Hey lovelies,

There are a few things I struggle with, getting trousers that fit, applying eyeliner and not eating a whole pack of chocolate fingers in one go, but I digress, I also have trouble getting brow products, it seems many brands think if you have very dark eyebrows you don't need brow products, well hold your horses we do, yeah I might not need as much help as someone with very fair brows but I still like to give my brows a boost.

Recently I ran out of my usual brow pencil, one that I was reasonably satisfied with, but wasn't available to buy where I live, so I needed something I could pick up in superdrug, and I needed it ASAP. There I discovered a brow pencil that has changed my life, well that's a bit dramatic I guess, but I do love it so.

Revlon colorstay brow pencil in soft black, is a double ended product with a twist up angled gel pencil one end and a brow brush on the other, making it super easy for me to fill in and define my brows and give them a little brush through and tidy up. The pencil is super soft and angled meaning it's perfect for filling in gaps, and for me the colour is spot on, it really is black black, unlike most other brow products I have tried.

Revlon colorstay brow pencil in soft black

Revlon colorstay brow pencil in soft black

For me this gives a natural fuller looking brow, with minimal effort and I am all about that life.

If like me you have dark brows I would highly recommend picking this up next time you are out makeup shopping, and even if you haven't the formula is so nice I'm confident it would be good in any shade.



  1. I was really interested to hear your thoughts on this x

  2. Looks nice!

  3. Looks like a great pencil. Have a nice weekend.
    Gemma x

  4. waoo its awesome..! looks so stunning dear KISS :) best wordpress themes

  5. I’m on the hunt for a new brow pencil and this looks great! I’m blonde but kinda like rocking the darker brow look. Think I might pop to the shops this afternoon.


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