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Fashion - Why it's ok to not have the money to buy new clothes every week, even as a Fashion blogger

Hey lovelies,

I have always been interested in fashion, as a youngster, I had a tab on my mums catalogue, so I could order new clothes and pay them off weekly when I got paid from my Saturday job.

 Anyone else do that?  

My love of fashion has grown from there, sometimes with pretty disastrous results, we can all look back at old photo's and think WTF was I thinking, or just me?? Anyway I digress, sometimes I've had spare money to splash out and sometimes I have been skint, but of course I still wanna look on trend I still wanna wear different outfits and as a blogger I still want fresh and exciting content, but let's get real here.....
I just do not have the fundage to make orders from the new in section on Asos every week or pop in Topshop and drop a few hundred quid on those pieces everyone is talking about. I can dream but for me that is not a reality. 

If there is one thing being skint has taught me, it's to appreciate what I do have and make those pieces I love work harder. Try that top with a different pair of jeans or maybe with a skirt, those trousers will look cool with those boots, you get the picture use your imagination and style things up in a different way to how you "normally" wear them. The possibilities are endless and the amount of "new" outfits you can create will surprise you. Maybe check out pinterest or Instagram for style ideas, then take a look at what you have I bet you will be surprised at how many outfits with a nod to certain current trends you can make, without splashing the cash on an entire new season wardrobe.

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat

Baker boy hat
 Skirt - Sainsbury (old)
Shirt - Topshop (old)
Vans - Office
Sunglasses - Ted Baker ( Stansted)
Baker boy - Accessorize
Baker boy hat

When you do have a bit of money to spend, think about what you buy before rushing to get rid of your cash in frenzied excitement, look through what you have, what gaps do you have in your collection, will that piece your pinning after fit in with your existing clothes? or are you gonna struggle to make multiple outfits.

The outfit I'm wearing in these shots is by know means ground breaking, and yes you have probably seen all the items on multiple occasions, but that's the point, yes these are not all new, but you know what I'm gonna make them work. I've never worn this shirt with this skirt and you know what it's got me excited to plan new outfits to see just what I can create.

I would 100% recommend delving into your wardrobe and seeing what "new" outfits you too can create.........Cause until my bank balance has an injection of cash, or multiple fashion brands what to work with me, I have know choice!

Oh and can we mention, I do have one new piece, yes I have a baker boy hat and yes it is cliche, but I'm in love with it, I had a voucher that I was so excited to spend, I knew I wanted to try a baker boy hat, I'm not sure I'm cool enough but I'm gonna roll with it........


  1. Aw loved this post babe .

    So true - I love styling old items up in different ways!
    Thanks for sharing your tips with us

  2. Love this post. I always style my clothes in multiple ways on the blog. It's great as well when you start wearing something again that you have had for ages. Have a great day! Gemma x

  3. Love this post - I can totally relate to this. I enjoy producing fashion content but I really don't have the funds to buy anything new. I think there's a real pressure to keep up to date with what's new in but not everyone is in the priveleged position of being able to afford something new every week

  4. great post, so true


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