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Beauty - Rimmel Wonder'fully real Mascara review

 Rimmel Wonder'fully real Mascara review

I recently picked up some makeup from Superdrug, your may of seen my post on the Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in Mayfair red lady, well at the time they had on a 3 for 2 plus get Wonder'fully real mascara for free, so obviously I was all over that, as I love a bargain and I love to try new mascara releases, mascara being that product I just couldn't do without. I think a good mascara totally changes your face, opening up the eyes, making you look fresher and bright eyed.
Wonder'fully you has a tapered easy to use brush, making it perfect for grabbing every lash really helping to make each lash wonderfully long, the formula is clump free so gives the lashes a smooth longer and fuller look.
 Rimmel Wonder'fully real Mascara review
Right eye Wonder'fully real left eye bare
The tapered brush means you can easily use this on your lower lashes to without getting it everywhere. I think this mascara is a perfect everyday mascara great for making your lashes look fuller and longer without being dramatic. It also doesn't budge, I've had no flaking or smudging and it lasts well throughout the day making it great everyday makeup.
The packaging is really pretty I love the bright pink, you will not have trouble locating it, in your makeup stash, it's also a banging bargain at only £7.99, and to be honest it performs better than a lot of more expensive brands I have tried.
 Rimmel Wonder'fully real Mascara review
 Rimmel Wonder'fully real Mascara review
If you are looking for a new everyday mascara I would 100% recommend the Rimmel Wonder'fully real mascara

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  1. I haven't tried this one. Love the packaging! x

  2. OMG I so need to try this mascara now! It looks amazing

    Ellie xx

  3. This looks like a great pick up! Thanks for the review :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  4. Looks really lovely! Gemma


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