Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Fashion blogger bloopers

After an extended break over Christmas I have a funny post for you, Now I do not take myself to seriously as a " Fashion blogger", and here's the proof, a selection of those out takes, bloopers, cock ups that do not normally appear on the internet.
I stole this idea from blogger QueenBeady, I have linked her post here, as I enjoyed hers so much, I wanted to do my own version.
fashion blogging

From the outside fashion blogging, may seem far more glamourous than it is, trying to find a location, trying not to look an idiot (this is tricky), wardrobe malfunctions, people staring.... the issues can be endless, so inevitably there will be photos that will not appear on Instagram, or here on Kate's Closet, well normally anyway, usually pictures, where I am looking like a right plank!!

fashion blogging
Taking a nap mid photoshoot

fashion blogging
And again....

fashion blogging
and another time

fashion blogging
So I appear to get extremely heavy eyelids when on a photoshoot

 My hubby is my photographer, and he swears I blink more than the average human......

But blinking or napping excessively is not the only thing I do while having my photo taken, nope I also do weird things with my body and pull attractive faces.

fashion blogging

fashion blogging
So there you have it a few behind the scenes shots, when things don't go quite right.


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