Monday, 18 December 2017

Ultimate party outfit

Do you ever fantasise about attending fancy Christmas parties? I'm not talking in the back room of your local pub or a mates living room, I'm talking swanky venue, arriving by limo, champagne and a requirement for the ultimate party outfit. I'm thinking a dress you feel like cinderella in, sparkly shoes, the clutch bag of dreams, and gorgeous designer lipstick and the icing on the cake a spritz of a luxury perfume, something that really makes you memorable amongst the other super swanky guests, giving your outfit the wow factor, and making that scent a permanent feature in your memory, whenever you smell it, it will take you back to that party, that venue, that outfit and that night.

For me the shoes have to be sparkly, nothing says Christmas like a bit of glitter and aren't these Jimmy Choos to die for, I would literally think I would of died and gone to heaven if I owned these.
When it comes to beauty products as I mentioned earlier a fancy outfit is nothing without fancy makeup and a luxury fragrance like the ones in these Luxury fragrance gift sets, from Clive Christian will really set you apart from the other party attendees. 

Of course the dress, now the dress has to be high impact look at me, something that screams elegance and sophistication without being stuffy or conservative or on the other hand not to Saturday night in your local nightclub, for that my ultimate dress would be this understated beauty from Self Potrait it is a flattering length and features stunning embroidered detail and a cut that cinches you in at the waist for me this dress is the centerpiece for my Ultimate party outfit.

What would make your ultimate party outfit?
What makes an Ultimate party wear outfit for you? is it the dress, the shoes, the makeup ? I would love to know.

* This is a collaborative post  but all opinions and longing for sparkly shoes are my own.

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