Thursday, 11 January 2018

Lifestyle - Personalising my home with Printiki

Normally I'm not a fan of January, its a long month, its dark, cold and everyone is poor plus there is that massive anti climax from Christmas. This year however I have decided to treat the new year as a fresh start, an opportunity, an excuse to change some things up, and that includes my home, decluttering, cleaning and even some decorating. Now we don't have an home office as such but a desk in the corner of my conservatory, an area that required the aforementioned decluttering, and just generally made more aesthetically pleasing and personalised. 
So when I had the opportunity to work with Printiki, I new what I wanted to do, I wanted to make a wall feature of photos of my favourite people and fun times. What is more inspiring than that?
Printiki is so easy to use, you can upload pictures straight from your computer, a memory stick and even directly from instagram, you can choose traditional photo size or go for square like I have you can customise the border and order a variety of different style of photo's straight from your laptop or phone.


As my wall is brick  I cannot stick the photos straight on the wall, I purchased a mesh grid, which the Mr attached to the wall for me giving a cool industrial look. I also added a basket to keep camera equipment tidy and my Paris clock as Paris is the first city my husband and I visited.
Now our desk space feels fresh and is full of images of fond memories and fun times.

If you fancy adding some photos to your space, or making a scrapbook, maybe as a Valentines gift, for that special someone. I have a code that gets you free delivery on Printiki just pop in DT4TZ9XG in at the checkout.

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