Saturday, 10 February 2018

Friendship, its better to have quality over quantity

When I was at school, I was fairly popular and had a big circle of friends, after school was a lot harder, things changed as we all went in different directions, many going off to Uni, while I was working and in a serious relationship. This relationship went on to become my marriage, this was not always happy and I had few people I called friends and know close friends, as unfortunately he wasn't keen on sharing me!
Fast forward many years, and that relationship is a thing of the past, as our many of the "friends" I've met along the way. I've learnt its ok to let people go and move on, sometimes these friends are not meant to be long term, but just for a certain period in your life, and that some "friends" are not friends at all. If its one sided, if its all about them, if they lie, break away being around toxic behavior is not good for my mental health, friendships should be a two way street.

Now of course I know loads of people, some I stop and chat too in the street, some I pretend not to of seen, and I put my head down carry on briskly hoping they don't call me over. ( come on I'm not the only one who does this?)
And then there is one friend, who I would say is my only close pal, whom I exchange texts with everyday, who likes mostly the same things as me, although she does have a crap taste in TV shows, but I'll let that go! :) who can't stand the same people as me, and categorically hates me ex husband even though shes never met him. (That's friendship right there).

We support each other when times are hard, but also know when to give the other person space, and we praise and big up each others achievements.  (something not all so called friends do)

As I've got older I have learnt many lessons, and have become a lot more reserved and careful whom I share my life with, experience has taught me self preservation and sadly not everyone is what they initially seem. But on the positive side, you do not need loads of friends, one will defiantly do....

So here's a big soppy shout out to my best girl Hayley,  Check out her blog if you fancy

* Photos taken by Hayley

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