Thursday, 22 February 2018

Glam & Style chopstick styler review

When it comes to styling my hair I'm lazy, as in most aspects of my life, I want a solution that requires minimal effort and not a lot of time. Now I have a lot of hair, and if a product is gonna take ages to get the desired result, lets face it I'm not gonna use it.

Glam & style chopstick styler review

Now what impressed me with the Glam & style chopstick styler* is just how quick it is to get a full head of curls. I can curl all my hair, in 10 minutes, now that is pretty impressive. Just take sections of hair, the smaller the section the tighter the curl, wrap around the styler and hold for 4/5 seconds before allowing the curl to gently drop out, repeat until all your hair is curled.

Glam & Style chopstick styler

The chopstick styler itself, is very lightweight, with no confusing settings, just turn it on and go. It takes up hardly any space to store and happens to be very aesthetically pleasing in the black and rose gold colour way.

Glam & Style chopstick styler

Glam & Style chopstick styler

Another bloody banging plus is how long my hair stays curly, I can curl my hair and it stays curly for 3 days, yeah 3 days. When I've curled my hair with other stylers the curl has dropped out significantly even by the next day, let alone day 3.

I have been so impressed with the Glam & Style chopstick styler, and would defo recommend.

The Glam & Style chopstick styler is available from Amazon for only £24.99, along with the brands other styling tools.

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* This item was kindly gifted to me but all opinions are my own.


  1. My hair is so rubbish at holding curls, but this one sounds like it might hold some hope!xx

    Lucy |

  2. sounds like an amazing hair product tool!



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