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My top picks from Avernaco (Natural, cruelty free skincare products)

Us blogger types are lucky enough to have the opportunity to try new brands and products, and for me ifs its anything skincare related, I'm happy as I love trying new skincare, we all should really take more care of our skin and think about the products we put on it.

Impact, Way & Purpose:

Our goal is to help everyone feel the best they can, and promote personal care. We’re a young company of people that believe totally natural products will truly change your world!
Here at Avernaco we know how important it is to take care yourself – that’s right, we are entitled to that all important ‘me time’! We think that everyone deserves to look and feel their best and we are 100% committed to make that easy with truly good for you products. From the first ingredient to the last, we are proud that the products are natural and free from any nasties! Good for you and great for your future!

And come on, it that blurb doesn't get you excited, than I dunno what will....


I choose four products from the range to try, but I'm telling you these guys have got loads, everything from toothpaste, to handcream, to sun protection, you name it these lot have you got you covered.


Now this is not just your bog standard handcream, oh no! This is a barrier cream, that acts as a liquid shield protecting your hands from irritants for 4 hole hours. So whether your cleaning the loo, or applying fake tan, your hands are shielded by the barrier nothing penetrates the skin, not only are they protected but also moisterised.  I really suffer with dry hands and I must say, I am loving this cream and it saves me applying handcream millions of times throughout the day.


Who else constantly has dry lips this time of year? Mine drive me up the wall, and I feel like I am constantly applying one lip product or another, not any more lovelies, oh no, I haven't reached for another lip balm since I've had this. It's that good this Paw Paw ointment really does the trick with my lips, It contains coconut oil and shea butter, but doesn't have that gunky or sticky feeling, it just feels nice and really hydrates my lips.



When I saw this on the website, I was really intrigued, a Coconut toothpaste really? well once you get over the fact this toothpaste is not minty like every other toothpaste I've ever used. I really like it, as does my hubby, the taste is pleasant and not over powering and we have both feel are teeth are starting to look less stained. I'm intrigued as to how white my teeth will go, but we can both definitely see an improvement, more so than with the brand of whitening paste we had been using.


I've left what I feel is the most impressive product till last. If you have really dry skin, I'm talking cracked and sore then this gel is the product for you. I use it on my feet, because me feet are gross, the skin gets so dry and my heels crack, let me tell you I have tried a tonne of foot creams, most being fair to middling. This one really blows them all out of the water. The gel sinks straight in, know greasy cream that takes ages to dry. I use this morning and night and my feet feel so nice, it's like walking on clouds. 

I vary rarely love every single product from a range when I try them out, don't get me wrong, if I write a positive review, I like the products, but not always enough to repurchase, I'll often use them up then go back to what I was using before, or on to something new that has arrived on my doormat, but hand on heart I love all of these and can defo see me placing an order when I've run out of what I have.
If you are looking to try some new toiletries or skincare products, and are keen to use natural ingredients, I would recommend checking out Avernaco

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* These products have kindly been gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own.

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