Tuesday, 6 March 2018

10 things about Spring I am looking forward to

It's know secret, I am not a lover of winter, I hate being cold, I mean I really hate it, I can't stand dark evenings or mornings for that matter and snow gets right on my tits. So if you are in agreement about how much winter sucks, and are counting down to Spring, I've compiled a little list of things to get a excited about.

10 things about Spring I am looking forward to

10 things about Spring I am looking forward to......................

  1. For me the thing I am looking forward to the most, is probably the most obvious and that is a bit of sunshine and daylight. Everything really does look better on a beautiful Spring day.
  2. Flowers in the garden and leaves on the trees, the garden is always so dreary in Winter.
  3. Spring cleaning, although I have already embarked on a good old sort out, there is nothing like a sunny day, to make you want to fling open your windows, turn up the tunes and get cleaning.
  4. Bringing the outdoors in, once you have had your deep clean, why not add some plants or flowers to your home, I love having plants indoors and maybe a bunch of daffodils.
  5. Decorating, I for one have been doing this since the year began but Spring is a good time, once the cleaning is done to maybe add a lick of paint to your rooms.
  6. Spring is a perfect time to update your soft furnishings, maybe adding brighter fresher accessories and cushions, in line with the brighter weather.
  7. Spring dressing, eg, not having to wear 5 layers every time you leave the house, maybe wearing shoes instead of boots, because you no longer risk losing a foot to frost bite.
  8. Light fresher makeup, think pink shades, light nail polish and dewy skin.
  9. Drying the washing on the line, I know this one of all of them probably makes me sound like a sad act, but is there anything more glorious then getting into bed, when your sheets have dried outside, blowing in the Spring breeze.
  10. Easter, a long weekend with the family, with lots and lots of chocolate.
What are you looking forward to most about Spring? 

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  1. I loved this great post, I'm looking forward to sunshine & daylight too. Also spring cleaning, even though I am clearing out now. Easter, not having to wear loads of layers & fresher makeup with dewy skin.


  2. I'm looking forward to all of these things as well! xx


  3. Roll on spring! These are such lovely reasons to look forward to it.

    Gemma x


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