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Summer and it's promises

I'm writing this post, in my living room, the back door wide open, and an Iced frappe in reach, having just come in from the garden, where I was enjoying some sun. Pretty idyllic by UK standards, I think?!? This taste of Summer has got me excited, I'm making plans and checking dates. The window of opportunity is small for enjoying the warm weather and I intend to make the most of it.


Summer and it's promises

So what am I looking forward to, well, we haven't booked our Summer holiday yet, we usually like to go away in September, means we can hang on to Summer for that bit longer. It's also less likely that my husband will get burnt to a crisp, its quieter and let's face it, it's so much frigging cheaper. So what about in the meantime, we have a couple of days in London coming up, while we have some family coming over from OZ on a whistle stop tour of Europe, London in the Summer is always gorgeous, I think we may take in a show as well. 

I also like to enjoy what East Anglia has to offer, and we often take a drive to the coast, whether it be to a dog friendly beach with a packed picnic, or a sunday afternoon drive to eat a bag of chips by the sea. We are lucky we have both the Norfolk and Suffolk coastline practically on our doorstep. There is nothing like a British seaside town in the Summer, the smell of salty chips, and sweet sticky donuts in the air, men walking about without their tops on, and people complaining it's "to hot" haha!!

Even closer to home, my family love a BBQ, and my hubby spends the warmer months indulging his inner caveman, which is alright by me! is there a nicer way to spend your evening then with a burger and a glass of something cold, laughing and talking with the most important people in the world, I think not.

I also love the simple pleasures, that the warmer weather brings;

Drying your washing outside.
Sleeping with the window open.
Spontaneous road trips.
Walking out to the garden barefoot.
Iced Tea/Iced Coffee.
Finishing every meal with a lolly for pudding.
Filling a paddling pool for the dog.
Evening strolls as the sun's going down.

As you can tell I'm a Summer baby, I was born in a heatwave and love the Summer and all it promises!

What are you looking forward to this Summer time?

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  1. Summer time! I cannot wait! I am so excited we had a few stunning, sunny days. I definitely will be more outdoors enjoying mountains. Love, Iga x

  2. ahh that little list of simple pleasures actually made my heart feel warm! lolly's for pudding = such a win! im also a huge fan of evening summer strolls, is there anything more beautiful than golden evening sunlight?!

    katie. xx


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