Tuesday, 15 May 2018

If I could do my wedding day over

Wedding season is well and truly upon us, up and down the country couples are preparing for there big day. Brides are panicking about fitting into there dress and seating plans, grooms and best men are frantically writing and rewriting witty anecdotes for the speeches. Mothers are on the hunt for the perfect outfit, and guests are planning transport and hotel stays, while trying to select a gift off the gift list.

Your wedding day is for sure one of the happiest days of your life, well at least I would hope so, but it can be a stressful time, with lots of things to worry about. Like remembering not to put Auntie Jean on the same table as Dad's friend Pete after that " incident " a few years back. That cousin Paul's wife can't eat something or other you can't remember what though, and waking up in the night worried you have forgotten to book a photographer, or the hairdresser or the whole wedding venue. My advice would be to write lists, lists will be your best friend, lists of to do jobs, lists of guests, lists of seating arrangements and lists of things you can immediately cross off the list, I can't be the only one who writes something they have already done on the list just so they can have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

Now I as you may know am happily married. I had a really lovely intimate ceremony with close family and a small reception again with only close family and friends, but what would I do, if I could do it all again?  If I had a bigger budget, well my dream, would be a Bijou weddings venue, maybe a country home or barn, you know the sort of place with beams and open fire places, set in pretty grounds. Somewhere where all my loved ones could come together to celebrate our special day in style, where every detail was taken care of for me. From a beautiful setting for the ceremony to pretty grounds for photographs, now that would be what I call a dream wedding. 


Of course in this dream wedding scenario I would have the dress that dreams are made of, something that made feel amazing like a princess, not like one of those old fashioned loo roll covers!! my best friend as my bridesmaid and my boys looking handsome in well cut suits, and of course a sexy honeymoon booked somewhere where the sea is clear blue and cocktails are always available...... I can dream right?

One thing I wouldn't change for the world though if I could redo it all again would be my boys being our witnesses and giving me away, that for me made the day perfect, I couldn't of been more proud of the young men they had become, the wedding not only cemented mine and my husbands relationship but that of his place in our family, for me, that day our family unit was complete. This will always be the most precious memory for me.

What would be your dream wedding? I would love to know.

* This is a collaborative post as always all thoughts and opinions are my own

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