Tuesday, 29 May 2018

May beauty favourites

We are rolling around to the end of yet another month, May for me has been a mixed bag, the low being a car accident the highs my new job, 2 bank holiday weekends blest with sunshine and the Royal wedding of course. The weather has been kind to us this month and I think my beauty favourites reflect the positive change in weather.

May beauty favourites

So let's get on with May's beauty favourites, first up I'm gonna mention that gradual tan again from Hempz*, I know I've talked about it loads and I think it may of featured in possibly three blog posts, but that is because I genuinely love this product. It adds a gradual tan, while moisterising and protecting your skin and smells great to boot. I'll pop the link to the full review blog post at the bottom if you want to check that out.

When it comes to warmer weather my combination skin can get a little oilier, so I have switched up my skincare accordingly, using this Biore oil control scrub with my magnitone every morning, I love to use a scrub in the morning as like to feel the buffed up clean feeling to my skin and I have found this works well at leaving my skin feeling super fresh, I have heard good things about some new products in the Biore range, if you have any recommendations hit me up in the comments. 

May beauty favourites

Scent wise every Spring/Summer I seem to gravitate to the Vera way Princess range my favourite being hippie princess, I think it's quite hard to get hold of now but if you can snap it up, it is lush a mix of fruity, floral and vanilla.

Now it is officially sandal weather we have to make sure are tootsies are looking their best, I always have my toes painted regardless of weather and a favourite of mine all year round is Barry m, I love the range of colours the quality and the quick drying my top choice for my toes is always dark this shade is dragster a dark grey.

When it comes to my face I like my makeup to be light and glowy in the warmer weather and for me that involves going back to an old favourite The balms mary lou manizer, I love this highlight and always go back to it time and time again.

That Hempz tanning review

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  1. i absolutely love barry m nail paints they are amazing and all the colours are so pretty xx


  2. I love the Biore Charcoal cleanser!!! I use it from time to time! The pore strips work amazing too!!

    Have a great weekend!! Melanie || Toots + Dill Blog


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