Thursday, 3 May 2018

My favourite dairy free discoveries

I have in the last month gone completely dairy free, I gave up milk over two years ago, because it hates me, and that was ok for a while, but as time passed more and more of my favourite dairy foods started to cause flare ups of my IBS. Causing me to give up more and more things, until enough was enough I decided to give up the whole lot, to see if this would help my symptoms. I think it's too early to say if its worked, and I did have a big flare up a couple of weeks ago, but on the daily I am experiencing less tummy aches and bloating so .......

My favourite dairy free discoveries

Dairy free foods

I have been pleasantly surprised with how nice and how easy to find dairy free foods it has been even in Aldi, as a budget supermarket I worried they wouldn't cater for that market, but I have found dark chocolate orange rice cake bars for only 85p a box and FYI they are yum, as well as a few choices of raw fruit bars, similar to nakd bars but a lot cheaper and just as nice in my opinion. Talking of Aldi I would also recommend there own brand soya and almond milks at only 59p a bottle considerably cheaper than branded alternatives.

dairy free foods

I have a sweet tooth as you can probably tell from this stash, so when I discovered Biscoff spread was dairy free, I was ecstatic as a dollop of that on my porridge made with chocolate milk and topped with fruit, could get even sweeter, and fill my little sweet toothed self up with joy!

I have always been a yogurt lover so it hurt me to give them up, and I have really struggled finding dairy free ones I actually like, they all seem to be thick and I struggle with the texture, I prefer a more runny yogurt. But what I have found is Alpro dessert pots, I love the dark chocolate and caramel ones, and the texture is perfect and doesn't make me gag like the yogurts !! 

The last thing I wanna talk about is Pizza, after a desperate shoutout on Instagram stories, I was recommended Tesco's wicked kitchen range, and although its 4 quid, it really hit my pizza cravings, so was worth every penny.  

I hope this has helped if you are struggling with dairy free foods, and PLEASE hit me up if you know of any actually nice yogurts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I struggle to find dairy free foods in my local Aldi or Tesco so I may have to try out larger store and hunt down some of these. Especially the pizza! 😍🍕 I have a dairy allergy.

    1. Glad this is helpful, yeah I find my local stores do not always have the range, but maybe if you can find things further afield stock up? xx


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