Saturday, 12 May 2018

My Summer pamper routine

If you follow me on Instagram you may of seen I was in a car accident earlier this week, and although luckily I wasn't physically hurt, the shock has took its toll emotionally, along with worrying about what's gonna happen with my car, will the other driver admit liability ect ect my anxiety has been through the roof. So I thought to myself Kate, you need to take care of yourself and try to relax and what better way to relax then with a nice pamper session, I thought why not share with you guys what I like to do and what products I use.

Summer pamper routine

I know many people associate a bath with a pamper sesh, but I'm not really a bath person, I prefer a long hot shower to get me relaxed and feeling fresh. And what's a pamper session without a face mask,  just not a pamper session. My mask of choice is currently L'oreal's pure clay mask bright, I love L'oreal's clay masks but I have only recently tried the bright one, I really like it, plus its yellow so very summery haha!!

Summer pamper routine

To give my skin a treat I also like slather on some nice body lotion, I'm currently using a gradual tan lotion from Hempz*, that not only moisturises my skin, smells lush, it builds into a gradual tan, perfect for Summer.

In Summer especially I take that bit extra care of my tootsies, no one wants to see manky feet in sandals. So I start with giving them a good buff up to remove the dreaded hard skin, I find Scholl velvet pedi a lifesaver this time of the year and boy is it satisfying removing all that gross skin. Obviously after my feet have been buffed to perfection I like to whack on some Soap & Glory heel genius, everyone knows how good this stuff is and I for one am never without a tube.

Lastly a freshen up of my toe and fingernails, I tend to go for dark on my toes like Barry M speedy in dragstar and something bright on my fingers I love Port a loo blue from Rimmel, I always go for quick drying as I HATE waiting.

I hope this has inspired to you to have a little pamper session of your own, you deserve it............

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  1. Pamper sessions are so necessary sometimes! But for me - it'll definitely have to be the bath. ;)

    Hope everything goes okay with the accident situation!

  2. So glad you took some time out for yourself over the weekend, hope you have a lovely start to this week and that you're feeling a little better!
    Amy xx


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