Thursday, 31 May 2018

The pluses and the minuses of getting older ( a humorous chat )

The pluses and the minuses of getting older ( a humorous chat ) 

Getting older has its connotations, especially for women, men seem to often get better with age just look at David Beckham. Where as women are often pulled apart in the media for looking a bit rough, once they reach a certain age, but there are some fabulous women out there who are proof we don't turn into dusty old ladies after 35 and can still look and feel amazing. Tess Daly (49), Duchess of Cambridge (36), Meghan Markle (36), Victoria Beckham (44), Amal Clooney (40) to name but a few.

So let's talk about the positives of getting older

  1. I give less of a shit about what other people think about me.
  2. I wear what I like rather than what I think I should like, and I  dress better for it, no more getting something just because it's in the new in section that will certainly make me look like a potato.
  3. I dress for the weather, no more freezing my tits off, because a jacket doesn't go with my look.
  4. I do not hang out with people who make me feel bad about myself just because they are popular.
  5. I definitely have better taste in men, haha my husband will be pleased with that one!!!
  6. I have learnt to embrace my flaws, so what I am a bit chubbier than I used to be, so what I have stretch marks, I am what I am.

The not so good things

  1. My number one worst thing for me about getting older, is how much money I have to now spend at the hairdressers, this girl is not ready for white hair just yet!!
  2. Sticking with hair, when you get older hair starts to grow from places it shouldn't and tweezers become your best friend.
  3. Skincare becomes a way to important part of the day, got to keep that complexion from looking haggard.
  4. I cannot eat like I could when I was younger, I used to be able to eat crap all day and not put on weight but that unfortunately is not the case now.
  5. Feeling tired by 10pm, I couldn't do the late nights like I used to.
  6. Sticking on the theme of going out, hangovers become a thousand times worse when you are older!!!

I you enjoyed this tongue in cheek post about getting older, let me know in the comments.

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