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Moonlight melts wax melts review

You may or may not know, I love scenting my home, I find it so comforting and relaxing to have a wax melt or candle burning filling the house with fragrance. But my obsession intensifies into Autumn and winter, I dunno what it is but the need to become cosy hightens. So in anticipation of the cooler months, and because we have had a bit of wet dreary weather, since the heatwave broke, I decided to place my first order with Moonlight melts.

Moonlight melts wax melts review

I have followed Moonlight melts on social media for a while, the delicious sounding scents finally drew me in, I caved and placed and order. I was pleasantly surprised with what good value, the packs of wax melts are, and just how many scents you can choose from. Each scent comes in a pack of 3 or 4 melts costing around £1.85 or they also do an offer of 3 packs for a fiver, which is what I choose. I think that is incredible value for a hand made, hand poured product. 

Moonlight melts wax melts review

The melts can be melted in a regular wax melt burner, which you can buy from moonlight melts website, or in an electric one like the one I picked up on amazon. You only need one melt at a time and the fragrance soon begins to fill the room, in fact even when its not melting you still get a good amount of scent.

Moonlight melts wax melts review

Like I said earlier I choose 3 packs for £5 and the scents I choose where;

Monkey farts - Not only does the fragrance have a pretty cool name, the scent description drew me in, it's a mixture of banana, coconut and grapefruit, and smells yum, like a tropical sweetie. 

Spiced chocolate macaroons - has what I associate as a slightly festive feel about it, I dunno why must be the spicy notes, that remind me of Christmas baking. That's fine with me, I love foodie scents, they are my favourite.

Coffee caramel cream - I couldn't place an order without a coffee scent, you guys know I am a coffee obsessed addict, and caramel lattes are always my go to coffee order, so it was meant to be.

If you are like me and love to scent your home I highly recommend moonlight melts, the product is good quality and value, and the postage and delivery are reasonably priced and speedy. I am already planning my next order.

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Moonlight melts wax melts review

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