Monday, 3 September 2018

Feeling forgotten by fashion

This is a post that has been brewing for a while, and is something that I feel strongly, and it's about time I talked about how I'm
Feeling forgotten by fashion

I have loved fashion, clothes, trends for as long as I can remember, my mum has regaled a conversation with me as a 2 year old, refusing to wear a dress on many an occasion. And later I distinctly remember trying my damndest to ruin some school shoes I hated. Of course through my teenage years I made some questionable choices when it came to fashion, and my God why, would I refuse to wear a coat even though it was cold, because it would hide said questionable outfit.
Feeling forgotten by fashion

Anyway fast forward to present day, and I am feeling a little forgotten by fashion, when I was younger it was easier every brand aimed its marketing at me, every magazine, poster and ad featured a girl my age, wearing clothes me and my friends would rush out to buy, and there lies the problem, they are still marketing to under 25's and I am know longer in that demographic. So who is marketing to me now ? Do women hit their mid thirties and suddenly know longer wear clothes? nope we are still here waiting for a brand to welcome us, but alas know one has. 

I might not want to wear crop tops and mini skirts any more, but I'm not ready to order clothes from those adverts in the back of woman's own magazine, and to book myself in at the hairdressers for a blue rinse. 

Where are the ad campaigns featuring women in their 30's 40's and beyond, we are not old, we still want fashion, we still want pieces that make us feel great, come on brands get with it....................
Don't write us off

I would love to hear your views on the subject of fashion for women in their 30's 40's and 50's, should we just disappear into the world of pleated skirts and shoes that build up around our feet? Or should we still be aloud to participate in fashion? 

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  1. Reflective and interesting post. Definitely something as a near mid-thirty year old myself, have thought about before.
    I feel my age and also body type contribute to not feeling welcomed by brands and fashion.
    I do however love Next and can always find lots I like. However, I am recently being drawn to the likes of TU at Sainsburys.


    1. I agree Next is certainly one of the better brands, when it comes to marketing, and I have a couple of bits from TU, but many retailers only ever use 20 something poster girls and for me that's not fair, or reflective. xx


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