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Gaining a little weight and body confidence

This post comes to you from my Summer holiday in Kos, now I don't know about you, but summer holidays are a hotbed of anxiety around my body confidence issues. I'm not sure what's the perfect bikini beach body, but I am sure I do not have it........

body confidence

I like I am guessing many of you, will have had, or still have body confidence issues. Worrying what other people will think of our bodies, will my cousin I haven't seen in a while notice, I've gained weight, will the lady in the shop, think oh my God look at the state of her, will the next door neighbour think I'm looking a bit podgy. On holiday those fears are intensified because obviously I am wearing a let less clothes to cover my areas of concern.

But you know what I have realised is? No one is looking at me, know one cares about my slightly wobbly thighs or my love handles, and even if they were, who cares what they think, it doesn't affect me in any way, the thoughts in someone else's head. The only opinion about me and my body that matters is mine!!!

My body may not look perfect, like that of a swimwear model, who in fact probably doesn't even look like that herself, her picture is edited and photoshopped to make her look more what we think a model wearing a bikini should look like! But my body is amazing, is has took me places, like to the top of the Eiffel tower, it has given me the opportunity to experience some great sex, (and some not so great), it has taken me on many a messy night out, and some more civilised ones to. It has produced not one but two human lives, it has helped me nurture and play with them, and its been here to watch them grow!

I was always someone who's naturally slim, but in recent years I have had to deal with my weight fluctuating due to health issues and medications, and I must admit I have found this difficult to come to terms with. It's not that I have gone up a dress size, it's how I feel in my clothes, how I look in photos, you will not believe how many pictures get disregarded because It's not a flattering angle, or I have chins or my belly looks big. But you know what, I am now healthier than I have been in a while, I might be a bit chubbier but I am well, and is that not the most important thing.

So in conclusion I'm guess I'm saying, we are all different and most of us do not look like that of the models in magazines, but who cares, enjoy the skin you're in, and the card you've been dealt, live your life regardless of any wobbly bits, and trust me know one is looking at you, they are to busy worrying about how they look.

body confidence

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  1. Yaas I love this post! You are stunning and should love your body- everyone is different xx


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