Sunday, 30 September 2018

Magic body fashion, underwear that makes me feel good in my clothes as well as out

Following on from my last post where I am talking about Body confidence, in this post I am talking about some control underwear that makes me feel more confident in my clothes. The Super control body* not only looks pretty without clothes, something control garments often don't, but it also smooths everything out under a dress, no panty lines and no bulgy bits, and its comfortable it doesn't feel like you are being squeezed or suffocated.

Magic body fashion

The Super Control Body is made of luxurious and lightweight mesh material, which provides firm shaping to the stomach area and lower back. The luxury sheer and breathable fabrics combined with beautiful lace give a feminine and sexy look to the shapewear."

Magic body fashion

Magic body fashion

The super control body is available in 5 colours and sizes range from a size S to XXL, I am wearing a size medium, for reference, I am a size 10-12. It has a subtly sexy design, but still simple. The fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear. I like the way you can still wear a bra of your own choice, as I find it's often difficult to get a body that fits my bust and my butt.

If you are looking for some new underwear, have a look at Magic body fashion, they offer loads of solutions, for every outfit. 


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  1. I like uunderwear from Marks and Spncer they do an excellent support vest. Since I am allergic to just about every manmade material I always have their 100& cotton pants too. You can't beat them for quality and comfort!


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