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I've stopped taking the pill, here's why

I've stopped taking the pill, here's why
Not much to do with the pill, but a cute picture taken in Kos where my outfit matched the building 😇

I stopped taking the pill, here’s why

I’ll start with a little backstory to this statement, I started Cerelle, ten years ago after meeting my now husband. Cerelle is one of the progesterone only, or mini pill. I was given this particular pill, due to having issues when I was younger on the combined pill, I could never find one that suited me, many causing me side effects such as headaches, nausea, weight gain and horrible pms.
Over the years I tried many pills and having breaks to try other contraceptive methods like the coil, which I tried to persevere with but also hated due to the terrible heavy periods. At the end of my first marriage I went contraception free,  being single I decided I had no need for it. Obviously that changed when I started a relationship, so after discussing my options with a GP I started taking Cerelle and didn’t look back. It worked, I didn’t get pregnant and I also had the added bonus of having know periods, for me this was a side effect I could get on board with, No more heavy painful periods and know more wanting to kill someone in the run up to it arriving.

So why did I stop?

In the 10 years since I started the pill, I have twice been on antidepressantt medication, mainly for anxiety and panic attacks, I have had an increase in migraine attacks and also now suffer from chronic UTI infections, having infections 8 to 10 times a year, and to top it off I can know longer eat dairy due to crippling bouts of IBS pointing to an intolerance.

 A bit of research,

after getting yet another UTI, I discovered there have been some studies linking long term hormonal contraception use to chronic urine infections. I know it’s certainly not a well-publicised theory, and in my case may turn out to be nothing to do with my problems, but I am getting pretty desperate to alleviate the painful annoyance of 6 weekly bouts of infection.
Once I started looking into the pill, I realised that my increased migraines could again be due to popping that little pill every day, it even contains lactose an ingredient I already know I have trouble digesting. The odds where stacking up against being on the pill. That’s without the recent publicity regarding women's mental health and the pill, I do not think the pill caused my anxiety but I do think it exacerbated the problem. 

So what now?

So far I have been off the pill, nearly three weeks, and I can report a couple of things I’ve noticed, one, the absence of a period, I thought I would get one almost immediately, apparently not. Two, I’ve definitely had a couple of days when I felt super emotional and cried in the shower for absolutely no reason. Three I do feel a little lighter, happier not that I thought I was sad before but well just different but in a good way, (apart from the crying in the shower day obviously).

What’s to come?

Well not a clue, when will my periods return? What will they be like? Will this help my infections, will it help my migraines? These are all things I am just going to have to wait and see. It could be a bumpy ride or this could be the best decision I have ever made…………..

Obviously I am not saying the pill is all bad, it is a valuable tool to many women helping them to prevent pregnancy, treat heavy periods and even acne. I’m just not sure it’s right for me anymore. Although having to think about contraception again after ten years is a faff, but one I’m sure I will get used to.

Comment below and let me know if you have had similar issues with the pill, or let me know if you stopped it if you feel better?

Or if you want me to keep you updated, and write another post in shall I say 3 months and let you know how I’m getting on. 

I've stopped taking the pill, here's why

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  1. I also really didn't enjoy the POP - I was put on it because of migraines but it really gave me a horrendous time :( I now take the combined pill with low oestrogen which is really working for me as it helps keep cramps under control / regulate my cycle a little. Though hormonal contraception has such vary side-effects, I really wish we had more alternatives...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  2. I have just gone back on the pill after being off it for a couple of years. I get really heavy, painful periods and recently my skin has broken out really badly, so my doctor told me the pill is the best option at the moment. I’m looking forward to having a lighter period and clearer skin! Last time I was on the pill it didn’t really affect me! I hope this one I’m on now doesn’t!


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