Monday, 8 October 2018

September beauty favourites

I'm back in chilly England, and normal blogging schedule will resume from here on, and I'm gonna start with my September beauty favourites, so here goes..............................

September beauty favourites

The first product I am gonna talk about, is a new discovery to me, and one I know I am gonna just keep on repurchasing. L'oreal Magic retouch, is my dream product, as someone who colours their hair every six weeks, I know about root regrowth, and boy is it a pain in the backside. My roots are dark brown, but unfortunately now speckled with white, which as you can imagine means they are really noticeable when they start coming through. The magic retouch spray really is a God send, as only a small amount sprayed at the roots, magically makes the pesky greys disappear, and it doesn't look blocky, but like my natural colour, and it lasts until hair wash day, so you do not have to keep reapplying. 

Another new to me product is Ambre Solaire sensitive advanced factor 50 hydrating face mist, an spf that sprays on as a dry mist, protecting the skin, without that gross suncream on your face feeling. This for me was a holiday essential, but of course can be used all year round for spf protection.

An oldie but a goody next, you have read me banging on about this palette loads of times, but that is because my love for it is genuine plus it is perfect for travelling, and that's the Petite heat from Urban Decay I have literally used it to death since I got for my birthday in June, and I highly recommend to anyone.

Last up is my Kos 2018 holiday fragrance, in other words the perfume I picked up at duty free on the way, and will now forever remind me of Summer, and that is the classic Vera wang Princess, I have had a few on the limited edition Princess fragrances before but never the original classic. The scent is sexy yet light with notes of waterlily, apple, vanilla, musk and dark chocolate. It's an easy to wear day or night perfume, one that I think most people would like.

Have you used any of these products?

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  1. I love Naked palettes, and have wanted the Heat palette for ages. The petite one looks like it has the perfect shades in it as well!
    Loved the post!

    Bronagh xo |

    1. It's the perfect everyday or travel palette xx

  2. That retouch spray sounds so cool! I'll have to mention that to my friend, she dyes her hair and gets so frustrated with regrowth!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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