Thursday, 15 November 2018

Things To Think About Before A Home Expansion

Home improvement is something on a lot of people’s wish lists, including mine, ( I have just recently redecorated my living room) and a lot of the time we like to kick back and relax with a good daydream about how our homes will look with a new layout, or the space knocking out that wall in the living room will give you, or how sleek and shiny the bathroom will look with the new tiles. But before you get on with any of these plans, you’re going to have to take a few principles into consideration.

Home expansions can have a huge impact on your lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of other people and creatures around you. (something I think we are all becoming more conscience of) So you need to be sure what you’re doing is healthy and safe, and that you’ve got the right permission to go ahead with it. So here’s a couple of things to think about.

Are There Clear Access Points?

No matter the kind of work you want done on your home, if the renovation team or moving vans can’t get near the property, they’re not going to be able to get the work done! This is something you need to think about before you make any wild plans and waste any time, what kind of access is there to your house? Can a whole team of painters and decorators fit into it? Would you be better trying some Do IT YOURSELF instead?

These are all questions that depend on the kind of house and space you live in. Are you someone with a terraced property? Is there a large garden or a small patio out back? Do you have a detached house with plenty of driveway space? Have you got planning permission that takes all these factors into account?

What about Wildlife on the Property?

Wildlife can be very tricky to navigate when it comes to expanding your property, and you don’t want to have uproot an entire nest or habitat of animals in your plan to make your own habitat just that bit nicer. Not to mention, certain species, such as protected or endangered animals, can put any renovation or expansion work to a stop immediately if they’re found on your property.
So before you end up breaking your own heart when the decision comes back no, be sure to get a survey of your site done. Companies like Arbtech Consulting can help you out here; if you’ve got bats in the attic, or maybe a certain species of bird, or hedgehogs living in your unused plant pots, they’ll be found and you’ll be notified. If the renovation is big enough, do a survey like this before you start planning anything else.

A home expansion can have a huge effect on the area around it, so make sure you’re not in the process of harming any species or any infrastructure nearby. You want your home to be cosy inside and out, and questions like these will make sure of it.

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