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The benefits of Trying CBD oil from the Drugstore

CBD oil benefits
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There have been mutterings and quiet whispers about CBD oil and its health properties for a while, recently the talk has got louder with many people speaking out about CBD and its benefits, there has even been the odd celebrity endorsement.

CBD oil is legal to buy in the UK and comes without the obvious effects of Cannabis, which has been used for its medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. CBD oil is not sold as a medicine but more of a health supplement, many people claim it's great for pain relief, muscle strains, skin conditions and its calming effects help people with anxiety and sleeping issues.

I have been taking CBD tincture 1000mg from the drugstore* for just about three weeks now. I take one dropper every morning under the tongue as directed. It's easy to take and has become part of my normal morning routine, just use the dropper provided, pop under the tongue and let dissolve for a minute or so. Taking it this way not only means it dissolves quicker you don't have to taste it either, if you do get a slight taste it's not to unpleasant just a bit grass like and easily washed away by a swig of juice.

So here's a background of why I decided to try CBD oil for myself, I have two chronic illnesses ME and a more recent diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis or Irritated bladder. The former causes fatigue and pain and an inability to sleep properly on occasion. The latter causes urgency to urinate and pelvic pain. Little is known about either illness and to why certain people get them, and effective treatment can be difficult to find. The symptoms of Interstitial cystitis are very up and down and can change from day to day even hour to hour, So although I was keen to try something new I must admit I was skeptical as to whether it would be any help when traditional medicines often struggle to stabilise the condition. I also struggle with anxiety, although I am no longer on medication and seem to have it fairly under control, like anyone with anxiety knows it can creep up anytime.

So has CBD oil helped?

I have found there to be many positives to taking CBD oil, I am certainly sleeping so much better, dropping off quickly and sleeping much more soundly, this is a great as I often have been known to lay awake for hours, shattered but unable to sleep. 

I have also found it to be helpful for my anxiety as I feel calmer and more relaxed, and in situations I normally find stressful I haven't felt as anxious.

Now the big question pain relief, like I said Interstitial Cystitis is difficult to treat and flares up for seemingly know reason. Some days the pain is intense and nothing makes it go away even strong pain killers and I must admit on those days I'm not sure whether CBD oil has particularly been helpful. Saying that now my meds are getting into my system most days the condition is fairy settled and on those days when the pain is more moderate the CBD oil helps and I can feel the difference the oil makes after taking it.

So in conclusion I will carry on taking the CBD oil, as I feel like it has positive benefits to my mood and health.
If you would like to find out more check out Thedrugstore for more information about the science behind CBD and the recommended product for you and your symptoms. 

*The drugstore kindly gifted me this item but all opinions are my own.   

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