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AD; 7 great DIY repair hacks to try

7 great DIY repair hacks to try

When moving into our first homes, we could all do with some tips and tricks, for basic repairs, Diy doesn't have to be difficult, here are 7 great hacks anyone can do.

Unblock a blocked toilet with hot water

Plumbers are commonly called out to unblock toilets, but in many cases this is an easy DIY fix. If a plunger doesn’t work, there could be another solution other than getting your hands dirty – pouring boiling water down the toilet can often be enough to break up the blockage. Simply boil water in a large pan or kettle and pour it into the toilet bowl. I have done this plenty of times it works and costs nothing.

Stop squeaky floorboards with talcum powder

Squeaky floorboards are usually the result of two boards rubbing against one another. By sprinkling a dry lubricant such as talcum powder into the gap between these floorboards it’s sometimes possible to stop the squeak. This could be a lot cheaper and easier than replacing or readjusting the floorboards.

Skip sewing by using glue

A lot of people hate sewing. me included.Fortunately, in many cases fabric glue can be a good alternative. From sealing up rips in curtains and attaching patches onto ripped jackets, there are many ways in which you can use glue. You could try looking into hot melt glue guns for easy application of this glue. Glue guns can also be used for many other repair tasks involving everything from glass to wood. I love my glue gun, so quick and easy to use, and requires no skill, which is perfect for me!

Fill nail holes with a crayon

When removing nails from walls, you’re often left with a gaping hole. An easy hack for filling these holes could be to rub over the hole with a crayon. If you’ve got kids, you may already have a box of multi-coloured crayons available to use allowing you to match the existing paint scheme. This could save you the money of having to buy a wax filler stick.

Remove car scuff marks with toothpaste

Car scuff marks and small scratches needn’t require calling a mechanic to fix up. It may be possible to get rid of these marks by applying toothpaste and rubbing gently with a damp cloth. This works because toothpaste is slightly abrasive.

Clean a showerhead with vinegar

Showerheads can sometimes get blocked with limescale. There are special chemicals on the market that you can buy to soak showerheads in and remove this limescale – however this could be a waste of money, not to mention bad for the environment. consider just using household white vinegar. Ideally you should soak the showerhead in bucket of vinegar for an hour. Afterwards, rinse and scrub it and the limescale should come straight off. Vinegar is so good for cleaning and costs hardly anything.

Use tape to create neat sealant lines

When sealing up cracks and joints with cracks, around the tub, a lot of DIYers tend to end up with messy caulk, sealant lines. For a smooth and even seal, a good trick could be to apply bathroom tape either side of the crack that you’re caulking. When you remove the tape, you’ll be left with straight caulk lines that will help to make your work look professional. 

Do you have any DIY hacks to share? let me know in the comments.

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