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Norfolk natural living eco cleaning products review

Norfolk natural living eco cleaning products review
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Many of us including myself have become more conscience of the environment, and have started making changes to our shopping and cleaning habits, whether that be recycling, choosing brands with less or recycled packaging or swapping to more eco conscious brands that bypass harsh chemicals, for natural ingredients that are kinder to the environment and ourselves. 

That's where Norfolk Natural Living  come in, inspired by the Norfolk terrain, of countryside and coast, they are passionate about halting the damage of harmful chemicals entering our waterways, by designing these natural eco products.

Norfolk Natural Living products include, products for cleaning your home, caring for your clothes, gifts and pet care. 
Their promise to the environment includes ;
Using PET refillable packaging  
Sourcing local ingredients 
no use of chlorine or bleach
Using plant based ingredients
Using no parabens or other artificial additives
Creating concentrated formulas so you don't need to much
Encouraging customers to refill their products
Never testing on animals 

I have been testing out two products from the range, the multi surface spray and the pet bed refresher.

Multi surface spray is perfect for surfaces all round the home, from your countertops, flooring, and tables. I've used it to clean my kitchen, dining, living room and bedroom, if you have a surface to clean you can use this spray. The spray is made from natural ingredients and has a fresh natural sea salt scent, which I love. This doesn't smell artificial or chemically, and is packaged in PET recycled packaging. All the active ingredients are derived from natural products and a full list can be found online.

Norfolk natural living eco cleaning products review

Pet bed refresher spray if you have a pet you will know that the little darlings can leave their own unique fragrance on their beds, blankets, cushions and your sofa. As much as I love Ernie our black lab, I don't love that funky smell he leaves anywhere he's been sleeping. This spray is made from natural ingredients making it safe for our pets, this spray refreshes and is antibacterial.

Your dog will feel even more comfortable in their bed thanks to the soothing Witch Hazel in our unique formula. Not only does it actively tackle odour-causing bacteria, it also soothes itchy or dry skin for your dog.  

The spray has a botanical lavender scent, which is light and refreshing.

Norfolk natural living eco cleaning products review

I have loved trying these products and it has really made me think about the chemicals I use in my home.
Are you trying to be more eco friendly when shopping for products?

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  1. I'm completely on board with supporting brands that are trying to make an effort to be more eco friendly and sustainable, this wasn't one I'd heard of before.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Rachel | Teacups & Tartan

    1. They are a really lovely brand, I have been so impressed with the products I have tried xx

  2. These products sound lovely. I do love a spray you can use everywhere, I've got so many random cleaning sprays in my cupboards it does my head in lol, so to find one suitable to use everywhere is brilliant. I'm loving the sound of the pet spray, I've got 4 house cats and it can get a bit whiffy from time to time haha. I'm trying to move over to more eco friendly products, we've got to try and do our bit where we can. The bottles look super cute too! xx Heather xx (

    1. The pet spray is so good. Really eliminates bad smells without masking the smell with a strong scent.

  3. That Multi surface spray looks like a must have product! It does a lot of things! :D And I would definitely be needing that Pet bed refresher spray for my dog! Thanks for sharing :)

    - Hazel

  4. This is such an awesome post! I love their packaging and will definitely look into using their products :)

    Shannon x


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