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What I read in August

What I read in August

This months what I read in post is gonna be a short one, as I've sadly only read two books in August, bit pathetic I know. I do have an excuse, I choose two very hefty books plus I went away for a week, where I had next to know time for reading.

Saying that the books I read where pretty amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed them both.

I am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I am Pilgrim is a much hyped thriller novel, and for me lived up to its expectations. The story follows Pilgrim a government agency employee, the kind of guy who "doesn't exist" This guy has been involved in many a dodgy situation and has seen some pretty terrible things, and also committed quite a few too, all in the name of his country. 

The story starts in New York at the scene of a particularly gruesome murder, committed it seems by someone who knows how to not get caught, a pro as it where.  While assisting on this case, Pilgrims secret past catches up with him, and the need for him to go back to his undercover life and find a man with a big plot, one that threatens the entire world.

“I had identified the Saracen, but I didn’t know him; I had located him, but I couldn’t find him; he was somebody, and he was nobody. That was the truth, and nothing in the world was going to change it.”

The story then follows Pilgrim to the middle east, where he is attempting to track Saracen, a man he knows nothing about, or where he is, just that he is planning terror on a terrifying scale. The plot has many a twist and turn as we learn about Saracen, his past and what brought him to this point. During the story we also have the side plot of the New York murder and how the purpatratory came to commit such a crime, and where they are now.

I will leave it there as I don't want to give away what happens, but I'll just say for me this is a must read, but be warned this is a hefty nearly 900 page book.

Dreams of Gods and monsters - Laini Taylor ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Is the third and final book in the Daughter of smoke and bones trilogy. I'm so glad I finally got to finish this brilliant fantasy series and to find the conclusion of the story of Karou and Akiva a demon and an angel with a dream to unite Eretz. A world where angels and monsters have been enemies for thousands of years. A place where two people from opposite races cannot fall in love and dream, or can they?
This trilogy is so much more than a love story, it's about ingrained and inbred hatred and a world at war. Can things ever change, can they come together to fight a common cause that threatens the very world they live in.

This trilogy has been a highlight of my reading this year and I have enjoyed delving into the world of fantasy fiction.

What have you been reading?

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