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Ad; My tips for creating a gallery wall

My tips for creating a gallery wall

The gallery wall has been a thing for a while now, and I for one can't see it going anywhere soon. For me the gallery wall adds not only interest to a bare wall but injects personality and style to your room, taking it from drab to fab in a matter of moments.

Gallery walls look great in any room in the house, living room, dining room like mine, or even up the stairs. So here's my tips for creating your very own in your home.
My tips for creating a gallery wall

Finding the right prints

Desenio, is always my first port of call when looking for new art for my home, they have thousands of designs, a tonne of different styles and genres, and even a handy design tool, so you can see how your chosen prints might work in your home. They offer most prints in a variety of sizes and the prices are reasonable. You can even buy frames from them to if you wish.

Making a cohesive display

To make your gallery wall work, a theme is a good idea, it doesn't have to be restrictive, it can be anything from a colour scheme, like my black and white prints, or the use of a colour that ties in with your decor like pink or blue. You could also choose a genre like Typography or graphical or maybe you like floral or fashion. As long as there is something that ties the prints together, in my opinion it works. Desenio make choosing a doddle as you can choose a genre to search or even a room for ideas what will work in say a kitchen or hallway.


Your room size and the wall space you have will dictate not only how many prints you have, but the sizes you choose. I for one like a variety of sizes as I think it adds interest, but you also need to think about not dominating a small space with to many large prints, or making a large space look bitty by having to many really small prints. A good tip is to cut out paper templates of the sizes you are thinking about ordering and stick them to the wall to get a feel for how the finished design will work.

Your style

Another thing to think about when choosing art for your gallery wall, and that's your style, and what will work with your decor. Do you want bold pieces to add interest to a white room, or do you prefer simple line drawings to add subtly to your space. If your room is dark, do you want art that brightens the space, or prints that add a moody feel. Maybe you like seasonal prints that you can switch up throughout the year. The world really is your oyster, but stick to your style rather than going for a theme that's in fashion but not really you. A gallery wall really should be a personal reflection of your style and taste and unique to your home.
My tips for creating a gallery wall
My tips for creating a gallery wall

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  1. Your wall looks amazing!

    Mariya |

  2. It's so important to have the layout be cohesive. This looks so amazing and I'm so jealous at your interior design skills x

  3. I've wanted to create a gallery wall for the longest time but haven't known what I want on my wall yet! Thank you for the great advice.

    Rachael |


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