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5 ways to update your bedroom

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5 ways to update your bedroom

New year often comes with new year plans. These are usually centred around travel, careers, health, family and home, and its home that I want to help you with today. I don’t know whether it is the darker mornings making me want to cosy up in bed, but my first thoughts for a project are around changing things up and restyling our bedroom. Bedrooms are often the last place that we work on in our home as guests do not tend to see them, so today I want to focus on them and share with you 5 ways to update your bedroom. 

Update the lighting 

Lighting it so often overlooked when you are planning interiors projects, so prioritise this one. You will find that just by updating the lighting in your bedroom it will give it a completely different feel.

Bedrooms should have some low lighting options, such as dimmer switches or lamps. They will help to create a warm and cosy ambience and are more conducive to going to sleep than bright, harsh lighting. 

You should also think about how much natural light your room gets. It might be that you would benefit from blackout blinds if the light keeps you awake or you might want to let the light flood into the room and need to change your curtains or blinds to allow it to do so. 

Update the furniture

You might be in need of new bedroom furniture, either for your comfort or practical reasons. Of course, buying new furniture will make the room look very different and it is also a good opportunity to make any changes to the flooring, whilst the old furniture is moving out. 

You might not need new furniture, but you can still update your room this way. I would suggest that you rearrange your existing furniture, a move round will freshen it up instantly. 

Update the walls

You can change the feel of your bedroom by repainting or wallpapering the walls. This is a room that few people will see, so be as creative and bold as you want with pattern and colour. 

Alternatively, you could create a gallery wall on one of your empty walls. It will add interest and provide you with pictures sure to make you smile whenever you enter the room. 

Update the soft furnishings

You can easily change the colours or accent of a room by updating the soft furnishings. It can be fun to do this at the start of each season. 

You could opt for Richard Haworth bed linen, add a big cosy throw to the bottom of your bed or treat yourself to a new deep pile rug to sink your feet into each morning. I love to switch up my bed linen seasonally, nothing signifies the start of Spring like some fresh new bedding, and ditching the heavy blankets of winter.

Update the contents

Some of us have bedrooms that just include a bed and wardrobes, and very little else. This might work, or it might feel too plain, in this case, maybe add some flowers, a plant or a bedside table filled with books. All of these are very inexpensive touches to add to a room and yet they will change its look and feel quickly and easily.

On the other hand, some of us use our bedrooms as something of a dumping ground, and it might benefit from less clutter and a good clear out. This is definitely more me, I find January is the perfect time to have a real purge and clear the clutter. I am planning on this myself before giving our bedroom a mini makeover, with some new curtains and carpet.

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  1. Great tips. I'm currently re-vamping my bedroom so this will definitely come in handy. Thankfully I have an East facing window so I get the sunlight first thing. :-) Although it's very dimly lit later on in the afternoon.
    Kim x


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